The Design in Mental Health Conference is an annual event that brings together manufacturers and professionals from various disciplines related to mental health and design. By exhibiting our anti-ligature products, we helped promote the importance of managing the risk of ligature. The presence of ligature points in mental health environments poses a significant risk that must be addressed through retrofitting products, like an anti-ligature door, that are specifically designed to prevent self-harm.

Delegates enjoyed the opportunity to attend speeches on emerging trends, explore the latest products, gain valuable insights and connect with key stakeholders in the field. It was an absolute pleasure to meet each and every one of you and discuss how anti-ligature products can be used in different environments stretching beyond traditional mental health hospitals.

Our product innovation

We were honoured that our K2500 reduced-ligature curtain track was 'highly commended' at the awards ceremony. The award is now proudly on display in the reception of our head office.

The reduced-ligature curtain track features patented anti-ligature gliders which allow the curtain to detach from the track if an excess load is exerted. The gliders are fixed within the track and cannot be removed and added to other curtain tracks to increase the load it can withstand, which is an issue with competing curtain tracks.

The K2500 fixed curtain track is engineered to deter tampering or unauthorised removal, ensuring that the curtains remain securely in place. Anti-tamper screws prevent patients from manipulating or removing the curtain track to create ligature points.

The reduced-ligature curtain track is designed for smooth and silent operation, allowing for easy movement of the curtains. This ensures that staff and patients can use the curtains effectively while maintaining a peaceful and non-disruptive environment.

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New anti-ligature door

We unveiled our new anti-ligature door for mental health settings at the event this year. Attendees were excited to see the redesigned ensuite door which we will bring to market later this year.

The new anti-ligature door is similar to SafeDoor 2, which was also exhibited at the event. SafeDoor 2 is an anti-ligature ensuite door with load release magnets to stop the door from being used as a ligature point. One customer told us when they installed SafeDoor 2 with an image printed on both sides, it stopped service users from drawing on the back of the door where it was previously blank. We can print any image on both sides of our anti-ligature door

Compliance and anti-ligature products

One highlight from the event was speaking to CQC's Director of Mental Health, Chris Dzikiti. The CQC inspects over 900 mental health units across England and recommends essential improvements to create a safer environment for everyone.

We had an insightful conversation about mental health compliance and the need for regimented annual testing of anti-ligature products. Mental health trusts are aware that anti-ligature products should be tested annually, but less than half of them actually carry out these tests.

We were more than happy to give him some Yewdale goodies after our conversation.

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We shared stand space with Protects Plus, a company that specialises in testing anti-ligature products. They check that the products were installed correctly and advise on any safety concerns, helping mental health trusts adhere to our recommended annual load tests. 


We are always available to provide guidance on the careful selection of anti-ligature products. Our anti-ligature products should always be installed following our recommendations and tested annually. Please get in touch if you have a question, need a product sample or a face-to-face meeting and product demo.