YewdaleKestrel® SafeDoor

See how easily the YewdaleKestrel® SafeDoor pulls away and is reinstalled

Smooth glide of YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtains

Experience the smooth glide of YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtains with universal stalks

An Update from our Director

Director Matthew Parsons provides a Covid 19 update about our work within the healthcare industry and our support for the blind industry in getting businesses back to work.

Experience the Yewdale Show Van

Now we can bring our products to you with the new Yewdale show van.  Explore our product range from blind systems, cubicle tracking and curtains to curtain tracks and anti-ligature products. 

Webinar | Back to business while protecting staff

Yewdale Director Matthew Parsons and Ian Hatherly, Operations Director from health and safety consultancy Southalls discuss how the blind industry can get back to business safely following Covid-19.

YewdaleHarrier® Stericurtain

A reusable wipe clean curtain perfect for NHS trust hospitals and other healthcare providers looking for a green alternative to disposable curtains.  

Eden Fabric Range

The new Eden Daylight and Eden Blackout range.  Be colourful and bold with over 50 daylight and 30 blackout colours to choose from.

Roller Blind Assembly Table In Action
BBSA 2018 Exhibition
eCommerce Demo
Design in Mental Health 2017

How to guides for troubleshooting and assistance.

How to load a YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtain with universal stalks
Realign a vertical blind louvre peg

If you find a louvre peg misaligned on a vertical blind, this is the easy solution to get it realigned and moving correctly.

Programming & Instructional videos to support the Yewdale range of motors & transmitters

230v AC Tubular motor

Part No. 980000

230v AC Tubular motor with radio receiver

Part No. 980001

24v DC Tubular motor with radio receiver & transformer

Part No. 980002

7.4v DC Battery powered tubular motor with in-built radio receiver and battery

Part No. 980003

6 channel hand held transmitter

Part No. 980021

16 channel hand held transmitter

Part No. 980022

Wall mounted control switch (single)

Part No. 980024

Wall mounted control switch (dual)

Part No. 980025