Large glazed areas and natural lighting are the latest design trends. The need to control glare and limit solar heating pushes the boundaries of blind design. Other applications prioritise child safety, easy cleaning, being fire retardant or offering a wide choice of colourful stylish fabrics.

As a UK-based commercial blinds company, we produce office blinds to an extremely high standard. We also supply blinds to a wide range of environments, including healthcare, public spaces, detention centres and education facilities. 

Vertical blinds, heavy duty roller blinds, cassette blinds, blackout blinds venetian blinds, laser blinds, insect screens and vision panel flaps can be made to measure. Our blinds can be made completely to the needs of the property and user. For instance, our blackout blinds often get specified for lecture theatres where complete darkness is required. 

Our electric blinds may be fitted in schools to restrict control of the blinds, or in hospitals where individuals may have less mobility. We also have other options including crank operated heavy duty roller blinds and wand operated vertical blinds. Please explore our range of Yewdale commercial blinds and get in touch if you have any queries. And remember, if you order blinds online using our shop, you'll get a 3% discount!

Yewdale is where you’ll find the product range, expertise and innovation to help you deliver exactly what your customers need - without compromise. Choose from a variety of systems, fabrics and colours. All products are robust, easy to use and designed for maintenance-free operation.