Our tracker fabric retaining side channel for cassette blinds has been redesigned by our Research and Development team. Both the tracker side channel and end plate have been modified to improve the quality of our cassette blinds and ensure they are easy to install.

Benefits of our new design:

We have made changes to our side channel to make it slimmer and less invasive. With the new component, our cassette blinds can now be installed in recesses that are not square, providing more flexibility. Additionally, our update has made the tracker side channel compatible with all control mechanisms, including electric, crank, sidewinder, battery, and spring. This means that you can choose the control mechanism that best suits your needs without worrying about compatibility issues.

We also just launched our end caps to ensure the new tracker side channel fits in perfectly. The new end caps will also be used for our standard cassettes, removing the need for a bottom angle (unless requested) which can be unsightly.

The new side channel measures 45.5mm x 24.8mm and is available in black or white hardware.

The best side channel for cassette blinds

We designed the tracker side channel for cassette blinds after we noticed that other side channels on the market don’t reliably secure the fabric within the system. The tracker channel effectively eliminates the typical problems of fabric being displaced or blown out of side channels in cassette blinds.

Our design ensures the fabric remains completely secure and is compatible with almost the entire YewdaleDefiant® range of cassette blinds. It is a favoured choice among schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals, where windows are often left open or blinds are roughly handled.

The tracker side channel is versatile, accommodating both recess and face fix applications. It is compatible with the following YewdaleDefiant® cassette roller blinds: C40/C44/C45, and C47.

Other benefits:

  • Easy to instal
  • Black or white hardware
  • Addresses uneven reveals and ensures optimal light exclusion
  • Innovative flexible plastic seals sustain consistent fabric tension

Cassette blinds with side channels

Side channels help to prevent light seepage and secure the fabric in place, which means cassette blinds with side channels are well-suited to environments associated with heavy use.

The headbox covers the blind’s fabric and mechanism, which helps to prevent damage, wear and tear, and prevents dust and debris from entering the system. The entire cassette range is available to order with square or rounded headboxes to suit your preferences.

Do cassette blinds keep heat in?

Cassette blinds with side channels provide excellent insulation because there aren’t gaps either side of the fabric for air to pass. This helps maintain indoor temperature by reducing heat loss during winter and preventing excessive heat gain during summer. A fully enclosed cassette blind can contribute to energy savings by reducing reliance on heating and cooling systems.


Our cassette blinds are a versatile and practical choice, offering enhanced light control, privacy, insulation, and aesthetic appeal, with minimal maintenance requirements. For more information on our tracker side channel or cassette blinds, please contact us.