As sustainability evolves from a trendy concept to a core corporate value, our journey toward a greener future has made impressive progress. Our recent installation of solar panels signifies a pivotal step in reducing our environmental footprint and advancing towards our net zero target.

You may remember in June 2023; we installed 529 solar panels on the roof of our Wickford office and production factory. These panels have quickly become fundamental to our environmental strategy, generating renewable energy without the negative impacts associated with fossil fuel-derived electricity.

How effective are the solar panels?

Luckily, even on cloudy days, our solar panels still manage to convert some light into energy, albeit less effectively than under sunny skies. Our solar energy system does not include solar storage batteries, meaning we can’t rely solely on our panels to power our operations. The benefit of not having batteries is that any excess electricity produced is not stored but instead is directly sent back into the national grid.

Data from the latter half of 2023 provides an insight into the potential solar energy output we might achieve in 2024 and beyond. Last year, we utilised 59% of the renewable energy generated for day-to-day operations and manufacturing our products.

Solar Panel Banner 02

The surplus energy that was not required by us was redirected to the grid, aiding the broader community in lowering carbon emissions. This process helps lessen the reliance on electricity generated from fossil fuels, which are well-known for their detrimental environmental impacts.

Looking ahead

According to Greenpeace, solar panels could supply over a fifth of the UK’s energy needs, if it is widely adopted. Through the adoption of solar power, we are actively diminishing the carbon footprint of Yewdale and our products.

Although the current data is based on estimates from the second half of the year, we are optimistic about the full capabilities of our solar project. By investing in solar technology, we are not just embracing innovation but also leading the way towards sustainable business practices that could serve as a model for others in our industry.

We hired a drone videographer to capture an aerial view of the solar panels on a sunny day. To view this video and discover more about our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, click here.