We are incredibly excited to announce the official launch of SafeDoor Connect, our latest anti-ligature ensuite door. SafeDoor Connect is designed to offer the high-quality product that the original SafeDoor provides, but with repositioned magnets which are fixed to the door rather than being hidden in the door’s hinge. This is to provide the door with zero risk of the service user accessing the magnets.

Why did we design this anti-ligature door?

After conducting thorough research and obtaining invaluable feedback from mental health professionals, we identified a rising concern. There is a potential risk associated with moving magnets away from their installed location. Recognising this, SafeDoor Connect has been meticulously crafted to address this specific concern.

At first glance, SafeDoor Connect might appear similar to our coveted anti-ligature door, SafeDoor 2, in terms of construction. However, there's a critical distinction. Unlike SafeDoor 2, where the magnets are hidden within the hinge, SafeDoor Connect’s magnets are fixed to the doorframe using countersunk anti-tamper screws. Inside its hinge are magnetic discs which secure the door to the magnets.

Safedoor Connect 2 with hinge and safedoor 2

The key advantage of this new design is that the magnets cannot be removed without equipment that service users will not be able to access. This eliminates the possibility of these magnets being misused.

Risk assessment is crucial

We want to reinforce the fact that SafeDoor 2 remains the answer for high-risk settings that require a load-release ensuite door. SafeDoor Connect is simply an alternative for mental health locations of higher-risk service. If there is a high risk of tampering in a mental health trust, SafeDoor Connect may be better suited.

The anti-ligature ensuite door is designed to reduce the risk of ligature using load-release magnets, which allow the door to detach under a downward force. The fail-safe magnets cannot be jammed and do not lose their magnetic force over time, making them highly reliable over the long term. SafeDoor Connect has an innovative anti-tamper design that incorporates armour stitching, offering an additional layer of security.

SafeDoor Connect shares a number of features with SafeDoor 2:

  • Fail-safe anti-ligature magnets
  • Crib 7 fire rating and fully waterproof
  • 4 sizes available
  • Single or double-sided print available; large image gallery
  • Saloon-style double doors
  • Easily cleaned and maintained

True to our commitment to flexibility and customisation, SafeDoor Connect can be tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you desire a custom print or require the door in various widths, we can produce your door in short lead times.


Due to feedback and a rising requirement for any risk item not to be accessible by service users, we have taken the magnet out of the door and fixed them to the door. If SafeDoor Connect has piqued your interest or if you have any questions related to this innovative anti-ligature door, please contact us. To receive a quote for your mental health trust, please do not hesitate to email [email protected]