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Why choose cassette blinds?

Compared with roller blinds, cassette blinds benefit from additional protection against dust and damage, thanks to the headbox which encloses the barrel. We can manufacture cassette blinds with studded or zip-locked side channels which hold the fabric in place, further strengthening the system and enabling the blind to be used on windy days without a clattering noise.

We recently launched our modern square headbox for cassette blinds, offering you the choice of our traditional rounded headbox or new square alternative. You can read more about the changes to our cassette range here.

Cassette blinds act as an insulator, preventing heat from escaping during cold weather and keeping out the sun's heat during hot weather. If energy-efficient blinds are required, please let us know so we can recommend the best type of fabric for your project. 

We supply commercial blinds to blind installers and commercial contractors for large-scale projects. Our large manufacturing facility based in Essex ensures we can produce large orders under short lead times. All our blinds are inspected to ensure they meet the required quality standards before being packaged and shipped to customers in our Elite delivery vans.

Cassette blackout blinds

We also manufacture cassette blackout blinds which provide complete blackout thanks to our blackout fabrics and side channels that prevent light from seeping through. You can quickly request a quote for our cassette blackout blinds or get a fabric selector sent to you. Just contact us for more information.

Our cassette blackout blinds have been installed in a range of student accommodation blocks because they are so effective at blocking out daylight and provide some insulation benefits.

Interested in learning more? Find out how cassette blinds work