The latest innovation from Yewdale comes as a result of feedback from our customers and realising what is needed in the marketplace right now. As the ceiling window grows in popularity, a shading solution must be created to suit the interior design of these buildings, yet meet the practical needs of those who work under them.

So, without further ado, please welcome the YewdaleDefiant® C56T and C57T overhead cassette blinds!

The YewdaleDefiant® C56T is crank operated and the C57T is electric, controlled by a remote control. This quick and easy way to use these blinds provides greater levels of control of sunlight entering the room, but also makes these blinds even more discreet. It is no longer a loud and distracting chore to adjust the blinds, simply wind with the crank or touch the button!

Ceiling windows are becoming more and more popular, and whilst they look amazing, those working below can suffer. Brightness and temperature can be controlled by an overhead blind, but the current offerings on the market are difficult to install, bracketed and bulky.

These overhead blinds are bracketless, meaning they sit flush with the edge of the window, with no gaps for light to seep through. The C56T and C57T are easier to install, utilising Yewdale’s existing popular cassette systems. They are simple to operate and capable of covering greater sized windows – a maximum of 3m x 3m!

Take a look today and discover why Yewdale’s discreet, stylish and innovative overhead blinds are the only overhead shading solution worth considering.

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C56T Overhead Crank System

C57T Overhead Electric System

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