The Only Way Is Up:
YewdaleMovatrack® Revolutionises Hospital Wards

You hear this a lot when people talk about development in cities: build up, not out. Once you’ve reached the boundaries you can’t build outwards any more, so you have to build up. The sky accounts for a lot of space, so why not try to use as much of it up as possible!

We’re not in the property development business, but we do know a thing or two about making the most of out of the space you have. We’ve heard on the news how overcrowded hospitals have become and this begins to have a negative effect on the privacy and dignity of the patient.


Yewdale has a series of cubicle tracking that takes away the pressures of regular maintenance and care time spent on the track. This frees people up to focus on more important tasks. We have a means of increasing or decreasing the number of bays on a ward easily. Finally, we have developed a way of smooth, dignified transportation of patients across a ward on a hoist.

Utilising the space above hospital beds can provide patients with a higher, more comfortable level of care. Staff are able to enjoy easier access to equipment and the patient themselves, as well as adapt the ward to suit the patients on it.

YewdaleMovatrack® cubicle tracking is renowned for the superior privacy and space-saving properties it provides.

It is a smooth-operating curtain track which excels with its maintenance-free, wheeled roller hooks. Hospital staff love how easy the curtains can be drawn and how simple it is to change them, thanks to a convenient curtain removal point. 

The YewdaleMovatrack® can even help prevent the speed of illness thanks to the optional Biosafe® antimicrobial treatment. Yet what is more impressive about YewdaleMovatrack® is the diverse ways it can be used to get more out of the ward.


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In the past a patient would have their intravenous drip on a IV stand next to the bed. This works fine if there is plenty of space around the bed, however it is now possible to suspend the IV bag from tracking above the bed. The YewdaleMovatrack® IV200 is a heavy duty intravenous support track that allows the bag to hang over the bed, removing the floor space taken up by a stand.

However, Yewdale didn’t stop there. We made a system that allows ward cubicles to be widened or narrowed depending on the requirements. The YewdaleMovatrack® 101 mobile track systems allow staff to create more or less cubicles. The dividing tracks can be moved to meet the needs of the ward. This allows for greater flexibility with space and allow for improved treatment of patients due to the amount of room you can give them.

Transporting people with mobility issues needs to be as easy as possible: not only for the patient, but for the staff too. However, a common issue with ceiling track hoists is getting it to the correct bed unimpeded. Cubicle tracking often gets in the way and patient privacy risks becoming lost.

Movagate stops this. It can be retrofitted or installed new and provides a sprung magnetic gate in the YewdaleMovatrack® cubicle track. This allows the hoist to be drawn through cubicles on a track, passing easily as the gates open and close. 

It is maintenance free and incorporates Biosafe® antimicrobial treatment. Assisting patients has never been easier. 


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