The UK experienced another record-breaking summer this year, with temperatures exceeding 40°C for the first time in our nation’s history. According to the BBC, “More than half of the UK’s oldest active weather stations recorded their hottest day ever in 2022.” The UK’s previous highest temperature was recorded just three years ago, which is no coincidence. Meteorologists argue that these high temperatures are impossible in the UK without human-induced global warming.

The record-breaking summer caused wildfires, transport disruptions and health implications that will only worsen if global warming is not prevented. NASA reports that heat-trapping gases produced by humans have already increased the global average temperature by 1.1°C. Businesses and individuals have a part to play in stopping global warming and protecting our planet for future generations.

Understanding our carbon footprint

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and embedding sustainability within our company culture. Earlier in the year, we commissioned an environmental consultancy agency to conduct a full audit of our greenhouse gas emissions.

With their help, we’ve measured Yewdale’s direct and indirect emissions. The audit left no stone unturned, measuring emissions generated by everything from energy sources and raw materials to transport and employee commuting.

This audit has provided us with a baseline emissions footprint for 2021, which will help us to measure how effective future carbon reduction strategies are by comparing our emissions before and after strategies are implemented.

Achieving Net Zero

As a company, we are committed to achieving Net Zero emissions no later than 2030 for the following:

Scope 1: Direct emissions resulting from the primary combustion of fuels in organisation-controlled premises, vehicles and plant.

Scope 2: Indirect emissions resulting from the consumption of purchased electricity that has been generated off-site and supplied by the national grid.

Scope 3: Indirect emissions associated with the consequences of the activities of the organisation but controlled by an entity outside of Yewdale

We recognise that this is an ambitious target and are proud to be leading the way to Net Zero in the shading and privacy industry.

PPN 06/21 Compliant

Measuring our emissions and introducing a corporate carbon reduction target ensures we comply with the Public Procurement Notice 06/21 (PPN06/21). The regulation states that companies bidding for government contracts worth over £5 million must demonstrate their alignment with the government’s 2050 Net Zero goals.

What’s next?

We are excited to undergo a wide range of organisational changes to help us achieve our Net Zero target and produce eco-friendly products. At Yewdale, we believe renewable energy is an essential investment to protect our planet. We are proud to announce that we will install solar panels on our production factory's roof. Solar panels will provide Yewdale with emission-free energy and help us reduce our energy consumption derived from fossil fuels. We look forward to providing further updates later in the year regarding the installation and other plans to reach our net zero goal.

In compliance with PPN06/21, we will be recording our past, present and future carbon reduction projects and the impact these had on Yewdale’s carbon emissions. We will be sure to keep you updated on our carbon reduction plans and progress over the coming years.

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