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The YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtain has a unique patented design - it has no plastic eyelet. Instead, it has a simple hook hollow - this saves up to 100 grams of plastic waste per curtain compared with all other disposable curtains on the market.

Made in our in-house UK manufacturing facility, guaranteeing a reduced carbon footprint with less plastic and packaging.

Other environmental benefits include:

  • Removing unnecessary plastic parts makes the curtain 100% recyclable
  • Made from fully recyclable material
  • Full recycling program available including all packaging collected
  • Boxes made from recycled cardboard

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Antimicrobial treatment

In addition to our standard disposable curtains, we also offer our DPL5, DPL6 and DPL7 sky blue disposable cubicle curtains with our powerful antimicrobial formula that effectively prevents the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. With Biosafe accreditation, this curtain provides unparalleled protection to help hospitals reduce infection rates.

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antimicrobial disposable curtains by Yewdale

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Made from 110g lightweight Durasafe Certified polypropylene, our disposable cubicle curtains are very tough. The fabric is actually up to 40% stronger than other disposable curtains on the market. We have rigorously tested the curtain’s fabric quality and performance, and guarantee its durability under the harshest of environmental conditions. Read our test reports.

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Made in the UK

UK manufactured with full control of quality and production - not reliant on sea freight or third-party supplier. Our production factory runs off solar energy supplied via panels we installed on the roof, meaning our products have a low carbon footprint.

Yewdale have supplied NHS trusts and hospitals with healthcare products for decades. As a UK manufacturer, we can respond to NHS needs quickly - enjoy quicker turnaround times, a reduced carbon footprint and lower costs.

We have manufactured tracks and blinds for over 30 years now and with YewdaleMovatrack as the number 1 preferred cubicle/privacy track system in the UK, YewdaleHarrier curtains hugely complement the system.


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In comparison to conventional cubicle curtains, disposables offer significant cost saving:

  • Low purchase cost
  • No large capital outlay
  • Low transport cost
  • No laundry costs
  • No maintenance costs

Quick and easy fit 

Hook hollow

Supplied as standard with hook hollows so you can fit the curtain quickly and easily onto any existing track glider or roller hook at any point on the track.

Reusable hooks

Reusable YewdaleHarrier® hooks are uniquely designed to stand upright for easy load and glide onto your existing track making curtain changing quick and easy.

YewdaleHarrier® curtains are the only approved disposable curtains for YewdaleMovatrack® cubicle tracks. YewdaleMovatrack® has a lifetime warranty that is only valid when installed and used in conjunction with YewdaleHarrier® curtains.


Flame-retardant BS5867 Part 2 Type C
Range of attractive colours
Compatible with all types of track
Meets CE and NHS standards
Self-auditing label
Standard and bespoke sizes available

Other benefits of our cubicle curtains:

  • More privacy with 16 DPI (dots per inch) than the standard industry type at 14 DPI
  • Universal and reusable patent pending ‘Hook for life’ for the majority of tracks used in the industry
  • Web-based software to track, record and analyse usage for procurement/cost saving
  • Available in 6 standard colours – Sky Blue, Light Blue, Cream, Mint, Light Grey, White – additional colours on request – Latte, Summer Blue and Pink subject to MOQ
  • Standard curtain sizes of 7500mm x 2000mm and 3750mm x 2000mm and others available on request
  • Boxed in 5s for 7500mm width or 10s for 3500mm width
  • Available with hook hollow, peg style and U-shape hook as required
  • Durasafe accredited for quality and performance
  • Available through NHS Supply Chain
  • Inherent antimicrobial protection available as an option
  • Universal hook for most track systems – one does it all!
  • Standard next day delivery using own Elite delivery vans which are fully trackable

Your trusted healthcare partner

YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtains are used across the NHS and in healthcare settings worldwide

YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtains are suitable for:

Care homes
GP surgeries
Health centres
NHS trusts
Mental health

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