Did you know that we are a founding member of Future HealthSpaces? This is an organisation that brings together like-minded individuals who collaborate to design the healthcare facilities of the future. Future HealthSpaces aim to provide a platform for innovative businesses like Yewdale to raise awareness of new healthcare products amongst key decision-makers in the healthcare sector.

It’s no secret that the NHS is struggling. This is largely due to underfunding and a shortage of staff in a post Brexit world. Over 4,000 European doctors are not returning to the NHS following the decision to leave the EU.

Not only is the NHS lacking the staff it needs, it also does not have the best equipment. New technology and life-changing products have emerged, but adoption has been slow and limited to certain NHS trusts.

We started Future HealthSpaces to discuss how today’s healthcare environments can improve and what products are needed to do so. The organisation now has many NHS staff who kindly join our seminars and share their thoughts and past experiences. Architects, contractors and other manufacturers collaborate, making recommendations to improve hospital efficiency.  

Sharing insights

As an active member of Future HealthSpaces, we write thought-leadership articles which are shared within the network of healthcare professionals that the organisation is growing. The articles we’ve written so far discuss some of the healthcare-related products we manufacture.

We have worked closely with healthcare professionals for many years and regularly receive excellent feedback regarding our hospital curtains, cubicle tracks and anti-ligature products. Our innovative products have helped NHS trusts retrofit wards and other healthcare settings, introducing modern systems that reduce risks of harm.  

You can read the articles we have written so far by clicking below:

Hosting events

Our three-storey showroom in Clerkenwell has played host to a number of Future HealthSpaces seminars, allowing interested people to learn about innovative products and participate in thought leadership discussions.

Yewdale blinds showroom

Our showroom used to be a busy café, but we transformed it into the ideal space for holding seminars, meeting customers and providing product training. It’s the only showroom in the area that has blinds, curtains, hospital curtains, cubicle tracks and anti-ligature products on display.


We will continue to create content for Future HealthSpaces and strengthen our connection with the healthcare sector. As a designer and manufacturer of healthcare products, we remain committed to developing new products that we hope will be adopted by NHS trusts and hospitals worldwide.

Learn how our cubicle tracks help the NHS