Cubicle tracks for hospitals

A large portion of the cubicle tracks and curtains we produce are used in healthcare settings such as NHS trusts, mental health facilities and private hospitals. In this article, we explain why we’re worldwide market leaders, by outlining the key benefits of our Movatrack® Cubicle & Track Systems.

Antibacterial and wipe-clean design

The anti-microbial efficacy of our Movatrack® Cubicle & Track Systems is backed by a Biosafe accreditation. This internationally recognised accreditation gives hospitals confidence that our cubicle systems have been thoroughly tested under highly stringent measures and play an active role in inhibiting illness.

Our cubicle tracks feature a hygienic, wipe-clean, white powder-coated finish and a machined flat-top profile which is very easy to clean. For added infection control, we ensured that the track design provides no areas for dust to accumulate or bacteria to grow.

Movatrack cubicle track for hospitals

Roller wheel curtain hooks

Our roller wheel curtain hooks are the source of constant praise from nursing staff due to their smooth operation. Coming as standard with our cubicle track systems, the roller wheel curtain hooks never jam and won’t need lubrication. Even after years of heavy use, any medical curtains attached will feel light and effortless to draw.

Movagate hoist

In some areas of a hospital, a hoist may be needed to lift an individual who has reduced mobility. Our Movagate allows a hoist to be added and removed from our track systems, giving hospitals more flexibility. The device utilises a spring-loaded hinge and magnetic latch which allows nursing staff to quickly open and close the gate securely.

Curtain removal point

As an approved NHS supplier of disposable curtains, we know how frequently healthcare professionals replace hospital curtains to maintain an infection-free environment. With less sophisticated track systems, this is a time-consuming process. That’s why every cubicle track we produce is fitted with a unique curtain removal point that significantly reduces the time needed to replace hospital curtains.

Our curtain removal point is incredibly easy to use thanks to the press-slide mechanism. It allows the service user to load a set of disposable curtain hooks at once, rather than inserting each hook individually. The intelligent design frees up more time for healthcare staff to spend providing essential treatment.

The video below shows just how easy it is to load a disposable curtain using the curtain removal point:


Our Movatrack® Cubicle & Track Systems adhere to HTM 66 requirements and are packed full of benefits that make them an ideal fit in hospital wards, clinics and other healthcare facilities. When used in a system with our disposable curtains or reusable curtains, a lifetime warranty applies to our cubicle tracks, making them a great long-term investment.

Our medical curtains and hospital cubicle tracks are highly reliable, even under intense use. View our full range of hospital cubicle tracks or contact us for more information.