You would be amazed where Yewdale blinds end up. Installed all over the country, and indeed the world, our roller blinds have been created to suit whatever environment they find themselves in.


It is not enough to offer a one-size-fits-all roller blind because each client’s requirements are different, windows are not all the same size, they aren’t used in the same way and the needs of the client can vary widely. Therefore, we have created a whole range of roller blinds that covers every situation: long windows, tall windows, overhead windows, windows in children’s rooms, hospitals, offices and domestic settings. Every blind comes with bracket covers that make the blind look discreet and neat. We know that providing solutions and options makes for a better installation and a happier client.


It begins with the YewdaleDefiant® R20 sidewinder, arguably one of the most popular systems in Yewdale’s repertoire. Despite its ‘ordinary’ roller blind guise, it is still packed with innovative features that sets it above other standard roller blinds on the market. It has a smooth, Slipstream mechanism which has a double spring, air-cooled design that makes the motion enjoyably smooth. It is from these high standards Yewdale created the rest of its range.



The YewdaleDefiant® R20S slow rise spring blind is an innovative take on the spring-operated blind. The slow-rise spring promises smooth and quiet operation, which makes it particularly well suited to areas where young children will be near. The braked spring prevents the blind from rising too rapidly and the lack of a chain ensures a child cannot get tangled in it.


Perfectly suited to a school environment, the YewdaleDefiant® R20C crank operated blind allows the client to detach the crank, the only operating system, removing the temptation of children to play  with the blind. They are also ideal for school halls or other places where windows can be located high off the floor, and a chain would  be inappropriate.


Yewdale’s collection of motorised blinds adds a touch of modern elegance to a space, ranging from the light weight YewdaleDefiant® R20B low voltage 7.4v DC battery operated roller blind through the heavier duty YewdaleDefiant® R55 heavy duty electric blind. These blinds are well suited to offices and boardrooms, where an electrically operated blind can make the room look up-to-date and sophisticated. On the other hand, these systems are also very useful for people with accessibility issues, particularly those unable to get up and operate a chain or crank.


However, Yewdale didn’t stop there. For environments that require the removal of ligature points, such as mental health care facilities and hospitals, the struggle to safely provide dignity and shade is very apparent. Therefore, Yewdale created the YewdaleKestrel® Anti-Ligature sidewinder, crank and spring roller blinds that detach from magnetic brackets the moment excessive weight is applied. This provides safety and dignity in environments where care is given, in an innovative and discreet way.


Combined with Yewdale’s extensive range of fabric, these systems can be adapted to suit nearly any requirement of the project. From blackout to dimout, Biosafe® to screen fabric, Yewdale has it all.