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Building designers continue to set new challenges for blinds and screening in education. Our blinds are regularly specified in schools, colleges, universities and student accommodations because they are reliable, highly durable and backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Blinds are essential in schools because they prevent glare, which often makes interactive whiteboards difficult to see. Blinds also stop the sun from shining in people's eyes.

Our versatile systems are designed for maximum child safety and feature flame-retardant fabric for fire safety compliance. They are easy to install, easy to maintain and tamper-proof. 

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Cassette blinds

Most learning environments in the UK are not air-conditioned, meaning they get very hot in the summer. Excessive heat can make it hard to focus because the brain is preoccupied with trying to regulate the body temperature. Blinds help to cool classrooms in the summer by absorbing the sun's heat.

Cassette blinds with side channels are a great option for schools because the fabric is secured within the side channels and the barrel is protected by a sturdy headbox. This enclosed system is better built for a demanding environment like a school or student accommodation.

One problem that we remember from being in school is that blinds would create a barrier stopping the sun's rays, but windows would still need to be open to prevent the classroom from getting too hot and stuffy. The wind would blow the blind and cause a distracting clattering noise. Our cassette blinds with side channels solve this issue. The side channels hold the fabric in place, meaning windows can be opened and fresh air can ventilate the room without causing a distraction.

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Crank-operated blinds

Crank-operated blinds, like our R20C roller blind, are popular in schools because cranks are highly durable and difficult to break. We produce made-to-measure blinds with a detachable magnetic crank, which allows teachers to store the crank in a cupboard. The key benefit of this mechanism is that students are then unable to control the blinds themselves. The magnet also makes the crank incredibly easy to use. 

Electric blinds

Electric blinds are popular in educational settings because the teacher can control the blinds without having to walk over to each one. Our electric blinds can be synchronised, meaning all the blinds will move in unison. Electric blinds are ideal for awkwardly placed windows that cranks cannot reach. 

Electric vertical blinds are stylish and provide an excellent level of control over the amount of shading because the louvres can be tilted.

Electric blackout blinds are regularly installed in lecture theatres and school halls because complete darkness may be required and windows may be positioned out of the reach of a standard crank.

Curtain tracks

Our curtain tracks are regularly specified in educational settings because they are durable, low-maintenance and backed by a lifetime warranty. Our heavy-duty curtain tracks can easily hold up heavy stage curtains, making them perfect for lecture theatres and drama studios. 

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