Modern Day Shading
Workspace, Balloch Shared Campus


Lighting and shading in a school classroom is very important. Too much and it becomes difficult for children to see the board, especially if there is a projector. Too little light and a classroom becomes cold, dull and unengaging. Getting the balance is vital – especially when it comes to a highly anticipated new build.

Workspace was tasked with fitting out the Balloch Campus with furniture and shading solutions. Balloch is a small town in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, found at the foot of Loch Lomand. A sleepy town with a population of around 6,000 people, including some 1,000 children, Balloch is steeped in history and is a popular tourist destination for those looking to explore Loch Lomand.

Announced in 2016, West Dunbartonshire Council began plans to combine local primary schools and pool resources in a 53,280 sq ft, £16.5 million development. They bought St Kessog’s Primary and Balloch Primary into one place, along with an additional support needs unit and early learning and childcare centre.

At the time, West Dunbartonshire Council’s Convener of Education Services said: ‘This project will move pupils from ageing buildings into brand new schools, purpose-built for modern day learning in which they will be supported to learn and achieve.

Workspace were looking to encompass West Dunbartonshire Council’s vision of a space for ‘modern day learning’, so they turned to the ultimate in modern day shading. They installed YewdaleDefiant® R20 Sidewinder systems, and YewdaleDefiant® C20 and C47 cassette blind systems. In late 2017, Workspace set to work installing the blinds.

The YewdaleDefiant® R20 is a robust and reliable roller blind that is ideally suited to a classroom environment. It is strong enough to take the strains and stresses of regular classroom use, whilst allowing the teacher to finely regulate the amount of light entering the room.

A YewdaleDefiant® C20 and C47 Cassette Blind is another popular choice for school environments. Enclosing the barrel in the cassette headbox protects the fabric from dust and dirt, which keeps maintenance to a minimum. This is particularly useful if these systems are used in large spaces, such as halls or gymnasium, positioned at height, making it inconvenient to regularly clean.

Thames dimout fabric was used in the classrooms to control glare yet still provide enough to encourage plenty of light in the room. The cassette blinds with blackout fabric were used in sports halls and other large areas.

According to Workspace, clients West Dunbartonshire Council were ‘ecstatic’ with the finished result, noting that the blinds helped to make the space feel ‘more fit for purpose’.

Remembering the project, Greg, Yewdale’s Business Development Manager for Workspace said: ‘Once again Yewdale worked alongside Workspace to supply shading systems that go beyond expectations. Instead of settling for any old blind, Workspace were able to supply the school with dedicated systems that serve a purpose and help to enhance the pupil’s experience.



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