The London College of Beauty Therapy (LCBT) is the UK’s largest specialist further education-funded training college, providing courses for trainee beauty therapists, retailers, makeup artists and more. 

As in any educational space, the components in a room need to come together seamlessly to provide students with the optimum learning environment, aiding teaching and withstanding daily use.

LCBT contacted Yewdale customers Direct Fabrics to specify curtain tracking for their new beauty rooms. The rooms needed several changing-room style cubicles for students to use in lessons.

The tracks would be used frequently and therefore needed to be capable of performing faultlessly every time for many years. Meanwhile, they needed to be discreet so as not to detract from the stylish surroundings they were to be installed in.

Direct Fabrics chose the YewdaleMovatrack® 100 curtain divider track to take pride of place in LCBT. 100 Cubicle Curtain Divider Track is a hand drawn track that has a slim profile which sees the track typically used in hospital environments. For this situation the track was ideal, indicating the sheer variety of uses a single Yewdale product can provide.


The cubicle track can be bent and is easily suspended from the ceiling on suspension hangers, helping to create the curved and seamless flow of cubicle track needed to provide total privacy. The track has wheeled roller hooks that are maintenance-free and is made to provide years of trouble-free service.

The track’s clean white powder-coated finish helped to maintain continuity throughout the space without looking clinical or jarring against the room’s decor. The cubicle tracks have a Biosafe® antimicrobial accredited option which helps to maintain hygiene in high traffic areas - always a useful feature in schools, colleges and universities.

‘The cubicle tracks were a huge success,’ says Edward Simon, Director of Direct Fabrics. ‘We were able to fulfil the requirements of the brief perfectly due to the diverse functionality of the cubicle track. We suspended them from the ceiling with confidence knowing that when we hung the curtains the track wouldn’t let us down. They look great!’

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whilst the 100 Curtain Divider Track may pale in comparison to the work taking place at LCBT, if beauty is simplicity and functionality this cubicle track would be top of its class.

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