Here Comes The Sun
(It’s All Right, We’ve Got Blackouts)

It’s not every day the roller blind industry brushes shoulders with a bit of rock royalty, but that’s exactly what happened when Adam Martin and Mike Pinder, Directors of BBS Window Blinds installed 12 YewdaleDefiant® R20 blinds into Liverpool’s Calderstones School – where John Lennon was once a student.

The school was once named Quarry Bank High School for Boys, inspiring a young Lennon to call his first band The Quarrymen, which eventually evolved into a little band called The Beatles. It has undergone refurbishment since and is now known as Calderstones School. The fame remains, however, especially for the Quarry Bank Hall, which bore witness to one of Lennon’s first performances back in the ‘50s.

For Adam, however, things didn’t come together until September 2018, when he was asked to install 12 roller blinds in the hall. The school holds assemblies and exams eight days a week in the hall and the blinds were needed to block out distracting, dazzling daylight.

BBS Window Blinds are a Manchester based supplier of quality residential and commercial window blinds and solar control products and have been Yewdale customers for two years. The school is one of 43 schools that BBS Window Blinds look after, and they were asked to address the issue of the old curtains that needed replacing.

The blinds were to be installed at quite a height in the hall and needed to blend into the background, so Adam and Mike, with a little help from their friends at Yewdale, recommended Dart Iron fabric.

‘The products are very good, better than everything else out there,’ explains Adam when talking about their choice. ‘We use Yewdale for most projects now.’

YewdaleDefiant® Dart fabric is designed for areas where a high level of light exclusion is required. Made from a fire-retardant fibreglass composition with a PVC coating for easy cleaning, this fabric is ideal for school situations – preferred by facilities managers everywhere. You can’t buy school caretakers love, but you can buy them maintenance-free roller blinds.

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What’s more, the YewdaleDefiant® R20 system that was paired with the fabric is a robust, hard-working-high-performing shading system that provides years of service. The strong chain and Slipstream mechanism holds the fabric in place wherever it is positioned in the window, providing the desired level of shading and sunlight balance. The blinds are also easy to install: ‘They flew up in no time,’ says Mike. ‘It probably took about five hours to install the lot.’

‘Working with Yewdale is a fantastic experience,’ says Adam. ‘The technical department, the marketing team and Brian are brilliant.’

To find out more about how our YewdaleDefiant® systems can surpass expectations for your next project, or if you simply need some Help, get in touch with our friendly team of Business Development Managers.

Now read through this article again and let us know how many Beatles song references you spotted in the comments below!

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