Our customer, Brentwood Shutters, successfully completed a project with our assistance under a tight timeframe. The Campion School in Hornchurch required blackout blinds for their classrooms and reached out to our customer for help.

We received the request on Tuesday afternoon and promptly manufactured 13 R20 roller blinds within a day. As a local business, Managing Director James was able to personally pick up the blinds from our factory on Thursday morning and complete the installation at the school.

Blackout blinds for classrooms

Speaking on Brentwood Shutters’ Instagram page, James said “This is a thank you story because Yewdale, who also give you little gummy bears with their jobs, absolutely pulled it out of the bag for me. I called them late on Tuesday at about 4pm and they’ve made 13 blackout blinds, ready for collection on Wednesday. I picked them up this morning and I’m on my way to the job.”

James was able to install all 13 of the blinds in one day. He also ordered a 14th blind for an additional window within the school which we produced within 24 hours, ready for him to collect.

classroom blinds

Brentwood Shutters chose our R20 sidewinder roller blind with our Dart blackout blind fabric in white. The 4-ply fabric does not allow any daylight to pass through and is also effective in blocking the sun’s heat. Both of these benefits make Dart a great choice for classrooms that get hot during summer and struggle with glare.

Since a roller blind was specified, there are no side channels to prevent light from seeping through the sides. The classrooms will not achieve 100% blackout, but this was not a requirement.

Child-safe blinds

To ensure the blinds were appropriate for use in the school, James fitted the blinds with our chain tidies. The chain tidy is secured to the wall and keeps the roller blind’s chain tight to the wall, ensuring there are no dangling cords.


All our blinds are fully compliant with BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 and confirmed as 'safe by design'. We regularly manufacture blinds for schools and have a range of child-safety options for blinds, including P-clips, breakaway chains, cleats and safety tassels. You can read more about our child-safe blinds here.

More information about the classroom blinds

The R20 is one of our most popular blinds, and for good reason. It’s a classic roller blind with a strong build quality and dependable design. The Dart fabric that was rolled around the barrels for this project is made from fibreglass and coated with PVC for easy cleaning.


It’s flame-retardant and comes in 15 colours and various widths. This blackout blind fabric is perfect for educational and healthcare settings because it has a Biosafe® formula that has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness against bacteria.

Our blinds are easily retrofitted when classroom blinds are past their best. If you would like advice about the best blinds for your next project or a speedy quote, please get in touch.