Yewdale is showing support for Family Safety Week in 2018 held between April 23rd and April 27th.


Family Safety Week was created by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and aims to shine a spotlight on the simple things people can do to prevent children from getting hurt by preventable risks.


Blinds are one of those preventable risks: if correctly installed and the right safety measures are adhered to, they can be just another piece of furniture in the home.


However there have been incidents over the years involving children becoming caught up in blind cords and suffering injuries or worse. Greater public awareness would reduce the likelihood of children gaining access to unsafe blinds.


Therefore, Yewdale will be holding a live chat throughout the week on Twitter. People with any questions related to blind safety, best practice when installing blinds or the law are encouraged to get in touch on Twitter using the hashtag #SafeBlinds. We hope to start a conversation, answer questions and raise awareness wherever possible.


As a responsible manufacturer of window shading solutions, Yewdale is happy to help anyone who wishes to understand more about blind safety, and to further raise awareness on the issue alongside ROSPA.


The hashtag will be monitored between April 23rd-April 27th and occasionally thereafter. For members of the public seeking urgent advice, we advise you to contact your local blind installer or the manufacturer of your blinds.   


Family safety week desk pad