Yewdale is very proud of our customers, Regnum Blinds, from Arundel, who answered the call to help convert a disabled woman’s home into a more suitable environment. They featured in an episode of BBC One’s DIY SOS on 4th of January 2018, where many trades and volunteers came together to help improve the house.

Amanda was training for an Iron Man triathlon event on her bicycle. Her brakes failed on Bury Hill, West Sussex. She lost control, hit a signpost and was hurled into the bushes. In a great deal of pain and suffering from significant injuries, Amanda lay in the undergrowth for two hours before a cyclist found her. Upon arriving at A&E, Amanda was told she was paralysed from the waist down.

Amanda spent six months in Stoke Mandeville spinal unit, and would help feed other patients to keep busy and to remind herself that – in her mind – it could have been worse.

Finally, she was ready to go home and begin the slow road to recovery with her family. The problem was, her home wasn’t ready for Amanda, who was now a wheel-chair user. She was unable to easily access parts of her house and so asked BBC One’s DIY SOS for help converting her home to be better suited to her needs.

A team of volunteers banded together to work on the house, and Regnum Blinds, from Arundel, offered to fit the electric window blind. Yewdale happily supplied our YewdaleDefiant® VL65 to the build, knowing that this blind is ideally suited to homes where it can be hard for the occupant to use a cord or chain to operate the blind.

The YewdaleDefiant® VL65 blind is electrically operated, allowing the user to open and close the blind at the touch of a button. Through use of a mono-control, which means a precision driven gearbox ensures continuous transport and one which automatically switches from tilting or traversing.

We’re proud to have been able to contribute a blind that is not only effective as a shading solution, but well-suited to the needs of Amanda. We are also proud of our customer who went above and beyond and helped create a home for Amanda to live in.