Yewdale launched its Online Ordering Portal in 2018 and has seen many of our customers embrace this easy method of placing orders. At the same time, we know there are a few customers who are reluctant to move over to this digital way of doing business.

Today we’re going to tell you why you should get on board with our online ordering platform and start placing orders – and saving money.

Save 3% immediately

Everyone who places orders online receives a 3% discount automatically. Furthermore, this discount goes on top of any existing discounts or offers on the portal. This is an exclusive discount for online ordering portal customers.

Less room for human error

We employ some absolute heroes here at Yewdale, and they’re experts at their jobs. They trained to be able to take your orders, some often scrawled on a piece of paper faxed in, and process it into an order that ultimately becomes the product you need for your project. However, it’s this high level of interpretation that creates room for human error.

If your order arrives with us scratched into a cereal packet, accompanied with some two-dimensional sketches, it’s going to take us longer to figure out what you need, and creates room for misinterpretation. Even with the best team like ours, mistakes can happen.

Online ordering removes this chance of misinterpretation and lets you control exactly what you want.

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You place your order online and it goes straight through to our processing team where it joins the factory’s workflow. No back-and-forth email chains confirming and checking and adding bits to your order, no need for time spent on the phone. It gives us all the information we need in a way to process it right away.

Whenever, wherever

Order Yewdale made-to-measure and components at your convenience – any time, anywhere. This saves you time, but also allows you to manage your workflow better. Order on the go or onsite, from home or the office.

Add items to your basket ready for ordering later and configure another system based on the previous order, saving you time instead of re-entering the same details.

Likewise, you can also start from scratch when it comes to adding another made to measure system to your basket. You can also check your order history and keep track of your orders, putting more control in your hands.

Exclusive online offers

Every so often we hold online exclusive offers that last for a limited time. You’ll only be able to access these great deals by ordering online.

Easy to set up

To set up your account, just email [email protected] and one of our team will create your account with any discounts pre-loaded, and will then send you your login details.

Don’t delay – set up your online ordering account today and start saving time and money.

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