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Manufacturing powered by renewable energy

We are thrilled to announce that the recent installation of solar panels on the roof of our production factory is now complete.

To commemorate this achievement, we recruited the services of New Heights Drone Photography to capture stunning aerial videos of our site featuring the newly installed solar panels.

The video shows you the scale of our operations and how much production space we utilise every day to manufacture commercial blinds and many other products.

All the production taking place underneath the factory roof is now powered by renewable energy generated by 523 solar panels above. We believe we are the only UK blind manufacturer to utilise solar energy, making us the greenest supplier for those who desire blinds with a lower carbon footprint.

When sunlight hits the panels on our roof, it is absorbed by silicon cells. This absorption causes electrons to break free from their atoms and create an electric current which is collected by the panels. The electricity is then used to power our manufacturing, and any excess can be sent back to the grid.

Sustainable Blinds

In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, all our commercial blinds are manufactured in our UK production factory using clean energy. The crafting of our sustainable blinds involves zero burning of fossil fuels, thereby eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. 

Whether you are involved in a low-carbon commercial project or cater to a customer base that cares deeply about their impact on the environment, our range of sustainable blinds is the perfect choice.

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Our Net Zero Target

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint and embedding sustainability in our company culture. We recently conducted a thorough audit of our greenhouse gas emissions with the help of an environmental consultancy agency. This audit measured both direct and indirect emissions across various areas like energy sources, raw materials, transport, and employee commuting.

It provided us with a baseline emissions footprint for 2021, allowing us to measure the effectiveness of future carbon reduction strategies. Our goal is to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 in Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (indirect emissions), and Scope 3 (indirect emissions associated with the consequences of the activities of the organisation but controlled by an entity outside of Yewdale). We're proud to lead the way in the shading and privacy industry towards net zero. Installing our solar panels was a key step in the right direction for Yewdale.

By measuring our emissions and setting a carbon reduction target, we comply with the PPN06/21 regulation, which requires alignment with the government's 2050 net zero goals for companies bidding on large government contracts.

To read more about our carbon audit and net zero target, click here.

Reducing emissions in our supply chain

We design and manufacture our components and made-to-measure systems in-house, which enables us to maintain complete control over the quality of our products and their associated emissions. We don't import components from other countries like many other manufacturers in our industry do, which helps us to keep supply chain emissions down. 

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our products at every stage of their lifecycle. When importing raw materials, we strategically consider the environmental impact of different transportation methods and the distance the materials will travel. To make immediate reductions in our indirect emissions, we switched to suppliers that are located much closer to the UK rather than importing from China and other countries that are considerably further away.

We also prefer to use suppliers who share our environmental consciousness so that we can work together to identify further ways to reduce supply chain emissions.

If we have peaked your interest and you'd like to know more about our carbon reduction strategy or sustainable blinds, please contact us for a chat.