One hundred Yewdale products were recently installed in Wexham Park Hospital, which is located in Slough. The hospital provides outpatient services and specialises in cardiology, maternity, stroke and emergency.

Grosvenor Contracts were commissioned to work on a refurbishment within the hospital. Four members of their team were responsible for installing eighty-four R20C crank-operated roller blinds.

As you can imagine, there were a lot of windows of different sizes in the area that was refurbished. We supplied blinds that were crafted to the highest quality and fit the windows perfectly, as shown in the image below.

yewldale crank-operated roller blinds in Wexham Park Hospital

Along with the roller blinds, sixteen Movatrack cubicle tracks were also installed to separate beds. Our cubicle tracks allow the hospital staff to hang medical curtains, which support infection control and provide privacy to patients.

Yewdale curtain cubicle track in Wexham Park Hospital

The installation of the crank-operated roller blinds and cubicle tracks took five days in total.

Project and Product Operations Manager Neil said, “We installed these Yewdale products because they worked out to be the best price for the project and we trust Yewdale’s product quality.”

More details about the products

The R20C crank is one of the most popular roller blinds in our range. The detachable magnetic crank will provide hospital staff with greater control over the level of shading because the cranks can be stored out of reach from patients if needed. The system is vandal and tamper-resistant and provides long-term durability which is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Our MovaTrack curtain cubicle tracks are fully NHS-compliant and installed in hospitals worldwide. Our self-lubricating roller runner hooks ensure hospital staff can easily draw curtains. Curtain removal points are provided as standard, allowing for fast curtain changes which is a big help to medical professionals who are pressed for time.

Our curtain cubicle tracks for hospitals are regularly specified because they are made of strong aluminium which can span 3.0 metres between hangers, keeping installation costs down and sightlines clear.


We produced all the products to the specifications provided by Grosvenor Contracts. Our estimating team provided a quote back for the project in a short space of time and our factory team turned around the made-to-measure order within the required timeframe for the project.

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