Our Technical Support Manager recently travelled up to Dalnaspidal Lodge in Scotland to assist in fixing an issue with the fabric on our blinds. The lodge provides guests with an immersive experience of the Scottish Highlands.

There is a conservatory that offers breathtaking external views, but also overheats in summer. Earlier in the year, we produced 10 overhead cassette blinds for the conservatory in deep red hardware to match the colour of the window frames.

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The problem

The fabric the customer chose for the blind was supplied by a different company. However, the fabric wasn’t sitting within our blinds’ side channels and was hanging down, letting light in through the gaps.

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Our customer, who fitted the blinds, contacted us and said the following: “I’ve tried changing the side guides and also tried pulling the actual metal channel in from the side a bit to see if that helps, but no. I’ve been back and forth a few times now & unsure how we can resolve it, would appreciate any help or advice.”

After receiving the customer’s email, our Customer Care Team arranged for our Technical Support Manager to drive up to Scotland and assess the situation. On arrival at the lodge, our expert measured the fabric widths on all the blinds and determined it had shrunk by up to 10mm in width and no longer fit the blinds correctly. 


The solution

Our expert calculated the optimal size for the new fabric and bottom bars and sent this request to our team for processing. Since our customer (the installer) is located 70 miles away from the lodge, our team sent a new fabric selector directly to the lodge for the owner to choose a new fabric. We advised them to pick a 1% screen fabric because this type would be more capable of handling the sun’s heat.

Our production team crafted new bottom bar inserts and oversleeve barrels for the overhead blinds, and our processing team placed a new order for fabric from the external company. Once this was all set, the conservatory blinds could be successfully repaired without needing to remove all the hardware or replace every component. 


This case study is a great example of how we go above and beyond for our customers and ensure that fitting and maintaining our systems is a straightforward process. It’s also a powerful reminder that some fabrics available on the market are prone to shrinking when exposed to heat and sunlight, with conservatories being a common place for this issue to occur.

The company that supplied the fabric in this situation admitted that it shrunk due to the heat within the conservatory. Our fabrics are highly reliable and come with a lifetime warranty. It’s always best to pick our fabrics when placing an order, instead of using a third-party supplier.