The Shard is the UK’s tallest building, drawing in close to a million visitors every year. We’re thrilled to say that those with a keen eye will spot Yewdale blinds fitted in the reception area! Our blinds can be found in lots of famous buildings, but The Shard is sitting at top of the list.

Grosvenor Contracts were commissioned to complete the installation within this prestigious skyscraper and chose us to supply the blinds. The objective was to produce premium blinds which provide light control, privacy and aesthetic appeal. The blinds needed to be durable, easy to operate and integrate seamlessly with the existing interior design.

The Solution: Our heavy-duty roller blind

Grosvenor Contracts are a long-term customer of ours, meaning they are very familiar with our systems. They opted for our R55 heavy duty electric roller blind for this project, due to its reliability and smooth operation. As shown in the images, the windows were far too tall for any control mechanism other than electric.

Grosvenor Shard Banner copy 2

The reception area needed blinds to control the sunlight that enters through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The fabric needed to reduce the strength of the sunlight without depriving the reception of daylight, which is why our Roe screen fabric was the perfect choice. The screen fabric maintains the exterior view when the blinds are in use.

With their expertise in high-profile installations, Grosvenor Contracts completed the installation process with ease. They ensured precise fitting and integration with the reception's design, delivering a flawless finish that met The Shard's high standards.

The outcome

The installation of our blinds significantly improved the reception area's functionality and comfort. The automated blinds provide excellent control over natural light at the touch of a button. The blinds are backed by our lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind over the long-term. 

This collaboration highlights just one example of the successful partnership between Yewdale and Grosvenor Contracts, showcasing our capability to meet the demands of high-profile clients and complex installations.

Grosvenor The Shard 03

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