The last few months have been incredibly productive for the whole team here at Yewdale. With lots to update you on, we’re delighted to say that OnTrack 34 is available now.

In this edition, we showcase ShadeBox our new recessed box system designed to conceal roller blinds from view. We also update you on upcoming events including our debut at the UK’s leading design festival.

We've had a few organisational changes at Yewdale which we're really excited about. In this edition, we introduce our new marketing team and provide other company updates including progress on our new warehouse.

The new warehouse will help us produce significantly more roller blinds, cassette blinds, medical curtains and hospital cubicle tracks. Click the link below to find out how we will use our new space and what we've got planned for the existing factory.

But that’s not all! We also discuss our new load release curtain track and fixed mounting plate which are both designed for high-risk environments. They both feature new designs that differentiate them from other load release products in the yewdaleKestrel® range. Find out why we've developed these new alternatives and how they can benefit mental health settings.

OnTrack 34 digital format is a flipbook making it easier to read on your mobile, tablet or desktop. All the articles have digital links if you'd like to click through to get more information.

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