We’re all busy. Not just at work but in life in general, so sometimes it’s good to unwind and to learn methods for relaxing your mind.

Yewdale gave staff the opportunity to try meditation with a qualified practitioner. Meditation can relieve stress, anxiety and depression. It can help with a person’s memory, focus and awareness and improve their self-esteem and self-acceptance. We do everything we can to make work enjoyable, and if learning a new skill like meditating can help, we are all for it!

Samantha, from The Natural Health Sanctuary arrived on Tuesday 15th May to lead staff in guided meditation. The atmosphere was calm and relaxed, with nothing to focus on but our breathing. We learned a lot about mindfulness and letting thoughts pass us by, clearing our minds of any overarching thoughts until we didn’t even realise we were meditating. Heading back to work after the session, we all felt ready to face whatever tasks lay ahead.