Made For The Stage
Curtain Tracks For Theatres and Auditoriums

Theatres and auditoriums have a very specialist set of requirements that go beyond the average lightweight or medium-duty curtain track.

Often hanging at great height, curtains in these venues need to be easily manoeuvred. Anything that is not up to the job will let the stage crew down when they need it most, which is very likely to be the moment the star of the show is about to take to the stage. How embarrassing!

Fortunately, Yewdale has a range of heavy duty curtain tracks that are made for the task. You see, when it comes to curtain tracks for stages, YewdaleVitesse® steals the show.

The YewdaleVitesse® 7800W cord drawn curtain track is a fine example of the capabilities and strength of these systems.

It can span across the largest of stages and move curtains with deftness and control. The thick cord provides grip for the operator, allowing for the steady opening and closure of the curtain. The rollers allow for silent transportation and fingertip sensitivity when it comes to positioning.

The YewdaleVitesse® 7800W’s aluminium, double-channelled track is available in any RAL colour, allowing to be seamlessly integrated into the stage area, opening it to a diverse range of uses.

Similarly, we offer the YewdaleVitesse® 7700W for slightly smaller venues that still require the professionalism and finesse of a quality curtain track. Capable of accomplishing the same gruelling tasks as the 7800W, the 7700W differs in that it can be top or face fixed.

The 7700W is ideal for curved stages as this track can be tailor-made and bent to suit. It is a popular option in lecture theatres across the country, supporting the curtain but not distracting the eye.

There is no reason for smaller venues to miss out on the slick professionalism of the big stage. If a 7800W or 7700W is a little too heavy-duty for a venue, say perhaps a town hall amateur dramatics group or a local music venue, then Yewdale offers the 7600W cord drawn curtain track. Suited to medium to large curtains, this curtain tracks stands out for a number of reasons.

The 7600W has self-lubricating polyethylene gliders that come at a quantity of 16 per linear metre, which makes it a joy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. The round profile gives this curtain track a softer look to its more heavy-duty relations, but it does mean it can be on display and not draw the eye distractingly. Being available in any RAL colour adds, and the ability to top or face fix it, the stage manager has enough options to locate the track exactly where it is needed, which is key when space is at a premium.

Curtain tracks in theatres and auditoriums are the unsung heroes of a production. They help to build anticipation and excitement before the event begins and they keep the audience engrossed by hiding away any unsightly parts that would spoil the visage.

For a curtain to fail at a vital moment, the magic of theatre would be lost; a burden no stage manager wishes to carry. This is why they choose YewdaleVitesse® curtain tracks. Explore the full range today.