‘It can be a little challenging at times, got to be up for a tussle here and there…’ quips Yewdale’s Sales Director Matthew when asked to describe managing his double-figure sales team. ‘I suppose that’s what you get for listing ‘outgoing’ as a requirement on the job adverts!’

Matthew has been at Yewdale for over ten years, having worked through nearly every role within the sales team. He certainly knows a thing or two about sales and understands the value of utilising each personality in the team.

‘It’s extremely exciting working with so many skill-sets and different personalities, each member of the team brings something different to the job and it works really well,’ explains Matthew.

A manager who likes to keep his finger on the pulse, Matthew’s days consist of rising as early as possible to get to the office ready for client meetings in the office or on the road, team meetings, management meetings and accomplishing his day-to-day tasks. Despite having so many things in his calendar, he never knows what to expect.

‘You have to be ready to meet the needs of everyone, particularly the client and business, and so after each encounter more actions points arise,’ says Matthew. ‘We like to tailor our approach to each client, to provide a service that helps their business grow and so it’s important we come to each client prepared and ready to assist.’

Yewdale has changed a lot since Matthew first began after arriving from further studies, going from a team of three with just a few phones to the global operation that Yewdale is today.

‘We didn’t have the systems and procedures in place like we do today, or the technology and the product range on offer,’ remembers Matthew. ‘There was a lot of ‘thinking on your feet’ but it really taught me a lot.’

Matthew is a big advocate of constantly learning. A phrase he regular comes back to is ‘you never stop learning’ and this is certainly indicative of his approach to his role.

‘To help me fulfil my role I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and ways to improve. I’ve been on training courses, a postgraduate course, had coaching and learned from others and those I work with,’ says Matthew. ‘If we’re not progressing in our personal development then we’re moving backwards.’

One of Matthew’s favourite aspects of the job is gaining new clients and keeping existing ones. Yewdale has grown the number of products it has available to customers immensely over the years, making it easier for customers to specify entire projects using Yewdale products. However, despite the growth and expanding product ranges Matthew and his team are focused on helping customers find the specific product to fulfil the specific need, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

‘I don’t have a favourite product or a go-to-system,’ says Matthew. ‘They all fulfil a different need which means they are all as important as each other. It’s a case of finding the right tool for the job and not shoe-horning in something that isn’t really right.’ This approach filters right through to the way Matthew wants prospective customers to see Yewdale.

‘I want to give them every confidence to work with us because we are genuinely unique and we have an excellent team,’ says Matthew. ‘Everyone at Yewdale has the same goal and that is to serve you. We want to work with your business to help it grow and succeed, which ultimately helps us grow with you.’

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