We’re delighted to announce that our new warehouse is operational, with all the racking set up. Opening this warehouse is a major milestone in Yewdale’s history. The changes we’re making to the business will increase our production capacity and enhance our inventory management, helping us to provide a market-leading service to our customers.

Our warehouse manager Jeff has been instrumental in overseeing the logistics of the project. Jeff explains the project and benefits of our new warehouse in the video below.


Our new warehouse is only 3 miles from our Head Office and main production factory, meaning we can transport stock between sites in minutes. The warehouse is located just off the A127 and very close to the A130, which connects to the A12. Additionally, exit 29 of the M25 is only 20 minutes drive. This great location gives us direct access to major roads nearby and is close to London.

Inventory management

It wasn't just the location of this facility that caught our eye, the warehouse also has a huge storage capacity. For this reason, we will be storing all our stock here moving forward. We have moved almost all of the stock in our existing factory to the new warehouse.

The new warehouse has such a high roof that our forklifts don't reach the top levels of racking, putting into perspective how much extra space we have gained. We had to order special forklifts that extend much higher, ensuring the warehouse will be filled to the rafters.

To streamline stock processing and enhance inventory control, our Goods In department will also move to the new warehouse. In addition to the internal storage capacity, there is much more room outside the new warehouse than our current factory, making it much easier and safer to receive deliveries from heavy goods vehicles.

Yewdale's new warehouse

In the current climate, issues of gaining stock are impacting most manufacturers. We now have the capacity to store a much higher volume of all stock and raw materials, leaving us less vulnerable to market conditions. This will help us to fulfil orders quickly, handle spikes in demand and not disappoint customers due to stock shortages.

Expanding production

Our new warehouse has doubled the amount of space we have available, which has allowed us to shift things around in our current factory and external units. Moving our stock to the new warehouse has freed up a lot of space in our production factory. As a result, we’re expanding the roller blinds department and installing more cutting tables.

The Vitesse curtain tracks, Movatrack cubicle tracks and blackout blinds departments which were located in our factory have moved across the road to unit 10, giving them more space to operate. The three departments will be joined by a dedicated extrusion department, helping to improve production efficiency and lead times.

Warehouse unit 10 Yewdale disposable curtains and hospital cubicle tracks

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