Let’s talk cassettes. No, not the archaic cassette tapes you used to listen to music on, we’re talking cassette blinds, and more specifically, YewdaleDefiant® cassette blinds.

Their simple-yet-effective design has made these blinds a diverse shading solution. That is the beauty with these innovative blinds – they can be installed almost anywhere!

What is a cassette blind?

A cassette blind, for those who don’t know, is essentially a roller blind with a headbox in place hiding and protecting the barrel and mechanism.

Cassetted blind system

Why are cassette blinds the most versatile on the market?

The simple cassette blind is brilliantly effective due to its flexibility. You can add side guiding channels, spring tension boxes, bottom bars and blackout fabrics, all transforming a single blind into something different.

At Yewdale, we can even put multiple blinds on the same length of blind barrel. The results of such additional features can be a blackout blind, an overhead blind, a workplace blind and child-safe blinds. 

Modern and stylish

These cassette blinds, with all of their extra features, still retain their slick and stylish looks because it is all hidden under the headbox or supplied in matching colours. The rounded headbox profile is soft to the eye and blends in seamlessly. Installation contractors love it too, thanks to the speedy bracketless fixing.

Blind side channels

Imagine a client that needs a stylish blind in their office. In the summer, they like to have a window open to let in the breeze, but the blind needs to be drawn to stop the sun’s glare on their computer screens. Usually, with a normal blind, this would result in billowing fabric and a clattering bottom bar, which would be distracting.

Our YewdaleDefiant® C40 Sidewinder cassette blind comes with side-guiding channels, holding the fabric in place whilst maintaining a discreet installation. What’s more, we have developed our cassette systems with the installer in mind, making it from as few parts as possible. That means a happy installer and a happy client.

Child-safe cassette blinds

Our cassette systems aren’t just suited to the workplace. They make ideal child-safe blinds, such as the YewdaleDefiant® C27 electric cassette blind. With the option to operate it with a remote control, you will have no concerns installing a blind in a child’s environment. This is particularly noteworthy for homes with ceiling windows in need of shading. Taking the remote-control operation and adding spring tension boxes, our C57T overhead cassette blind is an inspiring solution.


The days of the cassette tape may be over, but we’re on the cusp of a new era of the cassette blind. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it.

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