Introducing SafeDoor Plus; the new anti-ligature door with no areas for dirt to accumulate and a lead time of just 5 days. Our Research & Development team have meticulously redesigned our coveted SafeDoor 2, creating a new version which is better suited to mental health settings where Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is a concern.

Why did we design this new anti-ligature door?

Ensuites in mental health trusts and other complex care environments are associated with a higher risk of ligature because service users have more privacy. Traditional ensuite doors were frequently used as a ligature point, which is why we were the first designer to release an anti-ligature ensuite door in the UK. Since then, we have developed and launched 3 variations on our original design, with slightly different features to suit different settings.

SafeDoor Plus was designed for environments where IPC is especially important. The new door features a welded seam and includes no trim, stitching or pockets for dirt to accumulate. This makes the new door much easier to clean and aids IPC. Our new design was developed and approved in line with NHS IPC and comes with a Crib 7 fire rating, ensuring compliance with the highest level of healthcare safety standards.

Benefits of SafeDoor Plus

Produced in our UK factory, this door has an incredibly short production lead time of just 5 days, helping mental health trusts quickly complete projects and create a safer environment. Installation is quick and simple, meaning retrofitting SafeDoor Plus will not cause disruption Once installed, the door can be reattached in seconds if it breaks away from its hinge. It comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

SafeDoor Plus anti-ligature door for ensuites

Our anti-ligature magnets are sewn within an armoured sleeve which is concealed inside the door’s hinge, reducing the risk of tampering. If a downward force is exerted, the door will fall safely to the floor, preventing the creation of a ligature point. The flexible nature of the door prevents any damage or injuries and reduces weapons risk.  

SafeDoor Plus is supplied as standard with our patented self-closing hinge, which ensures the door swings shut after every use. You can opt for our Connect patent-pending magnet hinge, which permanently fixes the magnets to the door frame and removes them from the door.

We offer 9kg and 12kg load-release weights to suit your needs, plus any images, pattern or colour print. To read the full range of benefits and bespoke options, please visit the SafeDoor Plus product page.

SafeDoor Plus is available to preorder now. For more information or a product demonstration, please email [email protected] or call us on 01268 570900.

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