The wait is over; our top-fix K2500 reduced-ligature curtain track is here. We have designed a new profile, end brackets and screws which enable top-fix installations. This offers mental health trusts more flexibility than ever, allowing them to install our reduced-ligature curtain track within window recesses or directly to the ceiling.

top-fix reduced ligature curtain track

Our K2500 curtain track is designed to reduce the risk of ligature by preventing the curtain from being used for self-harm. Other curtain tracks used in mental health settings completely detach from the wall, which creates a risk that it could be used inappropriately. The K2500 reduced-ligature curtain track is fixed to the wall or ceiling and cannot be removed.

Exhibiting the new top-fix curtain track

Our K2500 reduced-ligature curtain track has been praised since its launch at the last Design in Mental Health Conference. At this year’s event, we hope to showcase the top-fix version of the curtain track. Due to its unique design, we have entered the K2500 curtain track for an award at the conference. The ‘product innovation of the year’ award recognises products that have benefited mental health trusts due to their innovative design.

Thoughtful design

We are proud to say that our patented anti-ligature gliders are completely unique and unlike any other on the market. They have small gaps which allow the curtain to detach if an excess load is exerted. The gliders in other anti-ligature curtain tracks detach from the curtain track with the curtain, which makes reattaching them a time-consuming process compared with our system.

The gliders don’t jam in the track and provide a smoother curtain draw than competing tracks available. We supply the curtain track with two types of anti-ligature gliders, allowing mental health professionals to choose between three different load release weights; 10kg, 15kg and 20kg. You can learn more about the different load release weights here.

The reduced-ligature curtain track is now available to order in face-fix and top-fix variations, which we know will resonate well with mental health trusts with a variety of windows. For more information, to receive a sample or demonstration, please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.