The YewdaleDefiant® R20 is Yewdale’s flagship system for a reason. It is easily adaptable, meeting requirements wherever it’s installed.

The reason behind this is that the R20 comes in many methods of operation and options but it is fundamentally a high performing roller blind.

At its core, the R20 is a sturdy metal barrel in either 32mm, 40mm or 42mm, depending on the size of the installation. Around this, we find that the method of operating the blind changes depending on where it is installed.

As standard, the R20 utilises a strong metal chain to operate the sidewinder mechanism that is of the highest quality. It can hold the fabric fast, being strong enough to not let it unroll and loose its position. However, some installations require some different ways of operating, perhaps for added child safety benefits. The mechanisms are vast, and you can read more about these here.

This article, however, is going to focus on the more nuanced options available, such as fabrics, bottom bars, side guiding and centre-coupling brackets. These smaller changes can really ensure the blind becomes a useful and important addition to the environment it is installed in.

Picking the correct fabric for the job and using it alongside the hugely popular R20 is one of the most satisfying and value-enhancing aspects of specifying this blind. Each fabric range has specific uses and capabilities, meaning that they can fulfil the task wonderfully.

For example, our YewdaleDefiant® Dart fabric is a PVC based blackout fabric. It can provide absolute darkness and can be easily wiped clean. This makes it ideal for rooms that encounter children such as schools and nurseries, or areas prone to getting messy like kitchens or hospitals. This fabric takes whatever is (literally) thrown at it in its stride and can be cleaned up without hassle. And when it comes to nap time, the room can be cast into darkness.

The resilient mechanisms of the R20 allow it to be used in the most punishing situations, and the quality shines through.

However, the system is helped with the option of wire-side guiding, a discreetly neat way to keep the blind’s fabric from flapping in a breeze. The wire side guiding runs from the top of the window to the bottom and the bottom bar is locked on to the wire. This solution is ideal for high traffic areas in offices or open windows where a clattering blind can become a distraction in the office.

Likewise, we provide the option to cover the aluminium or plastic bottom bar fully in fabric, which will deaden any sound if it was to catch a breeze, but also ensures it blends seamlessly into the blind.

News Article - R20 options

Whilst many people may not know this, despite the R20’s popularity, we can provide black, grey or brown coloured bracket covers and mechanisms, which provide the installer with the option to match the blind to the surroundings, if necessary. Sometimes if a particularly dark fabric is used against dark wallpaper, it is more appropriate to choose black bracket covers, to ensure continuity.

Finally, we offer extension brackets which can extend the width of a blind enormously. A centre-coupling bracket set goes between two blinds, meaning both blinds can be operated from one control and move as a single blind. This is perfect for long windows that need to maintain a uniformed look.

Likewise, we offer double-brackets on 40mm barrels, allowing two fabrics to be installed on one window. This is particularly useful for situations where screen fabric and blackout fabric can be used depending on the needs of the space.

By exploring the range of mechanisms for the R20 and taking a look at the options available, the possibilities of the R20 roller blind open up, cementing this system as one of the industry’s go-to roller blinds.

Get in touch with Yewdale’s expert team to find out more about the YewdaleDefiant® R20. 

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