It’s important for manufacturers and installers to find themselves a good PVC fabric supplier. PVC fabric’s reliability, strength and complete blackout qualities make it a staple for any fabric range.

Conveniently for you, Yewdale has become one of the most popular PVC fabric suppliers in the UK with our YewdaleDefiant® Dart range. This fabric is loved throughout the industry and used in nearly every conceivable environment, functioning perfectly anywhere.

Are you looking for a PVC fabric supplier? Here’s why you should pick up the phone and call us today.

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14 Colours
We know you need choice to offer to your customers, so we’ve developed a range of 14 colours, including our recently launched Vanilla colour. Vanilla expands the lighter end of our colour spectrum and allows our customers to find the absolute perfect tone for their project. After all, whilst you’re admiring the wonderfully technical capabilities of a newly installed YewdaleDefiant® R20, your customer will most likely only see the fabric.

Passed With Flying Colours
Our whole YewdaleDefiant® Dart fabric range is fire retardant, Biosafe®, water resistant and blocks 100% of the sun’s rays that land on it. It also has 0% light and heat transmittance, meaning it prevents the room from getting warmer as a result of direct sunlight. All colours have been tested to ensure they meet our high standards and passed perfectly and consistently. As a result, this fabric can be installed virtually anywhere – schools, hospitals, offices and homes.

(Flame retardancy conforms to BS5867, Part 2: Type B 2008, Biosafe® is an accreditation that means this fabric is tested to ensure no harmful bacteria will be harboured on this fabric.)

Blackout Means Blackout
When we say YewdaleDefiant® Dart fabric is blackout, we mean it is absolutely blackout. PVC has no weave as seen in many other blind fabrics, meaning there is no weft and warp which can produce small pinhole-sized gaps (which can cause a dazzling beam of sunlight).

Instead, YewdaleDefiant® Dart fabric is four-ply: 75% PVC and 25% fibreglass. This means that there is no opportunity for light to get through, and the ply of the fabric means it is tough enough to ensure it won’t deteriorate over time. Don’t assume this is a cumbersomely thick fabric – it is only 0.25-0.33mm thick.

Combined with a YewdaleDefiant® Blackout Blind, this fabric is the ultimate in total blackout.

Choice of Sizes
Our YewdaleDefiant® Dart roller fabric is available in three widths: 1830mm, 2500mm and 3000mm depending on the colour, with a length of 30 metres per roll. For vertical blinds, we offer 89mm and 127mm louvre widths. Having such a choice in size allows manufacturers to reduce wastage and keep the number of fabric joins to a minimum.

Work With Yewdale

If you’re looking for a PVC fabric supplier, or are simply curious to find out more about this superbly diverse range, get in touch now!

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