More Than A Shower Curtain

The YewdaleHarrier® brand of curtain is revered and preferred by healthcare staff all over the country. This comes as a result of an attention to detail that makes these curtains a useful and beneficial addition to any ward or wash-space environment.

There are three curtains in the YewdaleHarrier®range – disposable, conventional and shower curtain fabric. Of these three, two can be used in bathroom areas due to the materials used to make them.

Disposable shower curtains are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene which is water resistant, easy to clean and ideal for hospital environments. It incorporates Biosafe®, an anti-bacterial formula that actively contributes to the inhibition of infections. The Biosafe® formula is also present in the YewdaleHarrier®conventional curtains and shower curtains. These disposable curtains are conveniently thrown away to be recycled, meaning there is very little time spent by staff replacing curtains. Being teamed with YewdaleMovatrack® curtain tracks speeds this process up even further.

Unlike other disposable curtains on the market, which become clingy and limp when wet or in a humid environment, YewdaleHarrier®curtains maintain rigidity and therefore serve their primary purpose – to maintain privacy and to contain airborne water.

Yewdale’s made-for-purpose shower curtain will provide the privacy and hygiene levels expected in a healthcare environment. With Biosafe® incorporated within this material and its wipe-clean attributes, this shower curtain is a strong choice for bathroom spaces where cleanliness is a priority.

Available in a crisp white colour, these hospital shower curtains give the reassurance of cleanliness before closer inspection by the patient, which aids in helping a patient settling into what can sometimes be a difficult environment.

With hospital staff in mind, and in Yewdale’s helpful fashion, we have reduced delivery times to the absolute minimum on YewdaleHarrier®curtains. Curtains are in stock and we strive to reach our customers as fast as possible – sometimes even within two-and-a-half hours from placing the order.

YewdaleHarrier®curtain range is a necessary presence in hospitals as it provides not only privacy – its primary purpose – it also fights infection and speeds up the curtain replacement process. Patients and staff benefit from YewdaleHarrier®, the hassle-free, fast-moving shower curtain range.

To find out more about our YewdaleHarrier®curtain range, or to see how Yewdale can help you, contact our team of Business Development Executives who will happily provide you with all the information you need.