Who’d have thought it? A simple privacy curtain on a hospital ward playing a helpful role in the fight back against the Australian Flu epidemic currently rampaging through the country. Having already claimed some 85 lives and posing a particular risk to pregnant women, children, the elderly, and those who are already ill, hospitals need to ensure they have measures in place to prevent the flu reaching those who are most vulnerable within their care.

The Biosafe® antimicrobial formula that is incorporated in to our YewdaleHarrier® cubicle curtains can act as a barrier between those who are ill with Australian Flu in hospital and those who haven’t caught it. Inhibiting the spread of the illness around the hospital, alongside good hygiene standards such as regular hand sanitation, the YewdaleHarrier® cubicle curtain will help to protect those who are most at risk from the deadlier consequences of this strain simply by containing it.

The YewdaleHarrier® curtain range provides disposable, conventional and shower curtain solutions, each with a range of features that makes them ideal for hospital use. From the disposable curtains made from 100% recyclable polypropylene, available in four colours and incorporating the Biosafe® formula, to the 100% polyester double-sided conventional curtain, machine washable to NHS standards and with the Biosafe® formula. Naturally, all curtains are compatible with YewdaleMovatrack® and YewdaleVitesse® systems, which boasts the latest in curtain track technology.

‘YewdaleHarrier® curtains are very popular in hospitals and other health care environments all year round because they don’t just provide privacy, they actively contribute to the control of infection of all kinds,’ said Business Development Manager Greg. ‘These curtains are recommended to help control the spread of all bacteria such as flu outbreaks, (not just Australian Flu), providing an extra level of protection against infections.’

YewdaleHarrier® curtains are quickly replaceable and ready for immediate installation, with quick delivery from Yewdale available. If you wish to know more, or to find out how YewdaleHarrier® or YewdaleMovatrack® can help protect patients from Australian flu, and other contagious illnesses, please contact your Business Development Manager or email [email protected].