YewdaleHarrier® curtains are used in hospitals across the UK, maintaining a reassuring presence with their quality: patients know they’re in safe hands when a healthcare facility takes care to choose YewdaleHarrier® curtains.


So, when a Bedfordshire hospital needed to change the cubicle curtains in two wards in the same afternoon and had no time to wait for their regular resupply, Yewdale swung into action. The hospital contacted their contractors, Ashley Contracts, who placed the order with Yewdale and explained the urgency.

‘Using Yewdale’s Express 3 service, Ashley Contracts were able to meet this requirement,’ said Peter Hayman from Ashley Contracts who react very quickly for their customers. ‘The bulky stock was delivered in less than three hours from when the order was received.’

The order was received by Yewdale at 3.58pm and the curtains were delivered at 6.30pm the same day. Yewdale strives to remove the added hassle that hospitals face when it comes to slow delivery times. Delays in delivery can result in a poor patient experience. 

A hospital’s disposable cubicle curtain is vital to a ward. Alongside providing patients with privacy and dignity, disposable curtains can prevent or at least slow the spread of illness thanks to its inherent anti-microbial Biosafe® formula. Flame retardant and easy to hang, our curtains are made ready to be installed as soon as they arrive, removing one of the biggest struggles hospitals face with ward curtains – delays!

The result? One happy customer! Peter said: ‘Well done Yewdale, it certainly helped the hospital managers overcome the crisis!’



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