Creating an anti-ligature system is hard work. Not just from a design perspective, but also from an emotional, human reaction.

Not only have you got to create an individual system that stands out from the rest and meets the demands of the facilities it is to be installed in, it needs to be absolutely, totally, 100% safe.

The reality is that these load release systems will be under the scrutiny of the most determined and imaginative people who have time to consider how to misuse the system to harm themselves.

As brutal as that sounds, coming to terms with that perspective reveals how high the stakes are and how well the system must be designed. There is no room for error.

YewdaleKestrel® Doesn’t Jam or Wear Out

YewdaleKestrel® systems use load release magnets because they cannot be jammed or worn out. Other anti-ligature systems use a friction based male and female coupling system that can be manipulated to cause them to not separate.

Service users have been known to wrap tissue paper around the male coupling before inserting into the female coupling, increasing the safe breakaway limit. This is clearly dangerous and a serious flaw in these kinds of systems.

Magnets don’t have male or female couplings: they’re two flat edges that cannot be jammed. Even pulling them to the side will only cause the magnets to detach. This contrasts with some friction-based devices in the global market that jam up if the device is pulled anywhere but downwards. 

YewdaleKestrel® Requires No Repairs

After a YewdaleKestrel® load release anti-ligature device has collapsed, it is easily restored to its position by reconnecting the magnets.

For other systems, particularly friction-based devices, being pulled down can damage the device. This adds a delay to the time it takes to reinstate the device, as well as the labour costs repairing it.

The YewdaleKestrel® wall brackets are made from strong polycarbonate. They can’t be tampered with and the slim, angled profile makes it difficult for anything to be tied off on it.

YewdaleKestrel® Has No Expiry Date

With lots of use, a friction device begins to show its wear-and-tear. It will eventually lose the friction that held it together and so the male coupling will fall out too easily. This is not necessarily a ligature risk but it does render the device useless in serving the initial purpose it was installed for.

This will never happen with YewdaleKestrel® anti-ligature systems. Magnets retain their magnetic properties for an indefinite length of time, meaning constant use won't threaten their effectiveness. Our load release bathroom accessories are very reliable, which is particularly important because observation in private areas is less frequent.

YewdaleKestrel® Covers A Huge Range

YewdaleKestrel® removes the risk of having to combine two different types of anti-ligature systems in the same space. The problem that arises from having two different company’s anti-ligature systems in the same room is that the service user may mix the two together and create a ligature risk. Brands that have systems are not able to cater for it being used with another company’s systems.

As a result, YewdaleKestrel® covers a broad range of anti-ligature load release accessories. Particularly geared to en-suite applications, YewdaleKestrel® includes flexible coat hooks, wardrobe rails, en-suite SafeDoors, shelves, mirrors, soap dishes, wipe boards, toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, shower head holders, paper towel dispensers and mounting plates. We also have roller blinds, vertical blinds, curtain divider tracks, shower tracks and window curtain tracks so installers need only look to one brand to supply a room.


YewdaleKestrel® is unique in the sense that it is built around not only the safety of the service user, but also for the use of the end user: the hospital, health care facility or prison staff who will be using them too. By being suited to their needs, the staff are able to provide a higher level of care to the service user, who resides in an environment conducive to their recovery. Staff should not worry about the lifespan or the integrity of an anti-ligature system on top of their work to administer care, which is why YewdaleKestrel® is so popular in the UK and around the world.

Take a look at our range of load release accessories, en-suite doors and other anti-ligature systems here

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