Despite sounding like something from a James Bond movie, laser blinds are an effective way to block laser beams during surgical procedures.

Like a surgical scalpel, these lasers require caution… and a stray beam could start fires or hurt someone; even through glass! The thing is, the person behind the laser is likely to be relatively safe in the event of a lapse in concentration, it’s wherever the laser inadvertently points to that is at risk. The chances of this happening are incredibly low, but it only takes one lapse of concentration, and you have a high-powered beam of light heading your way…

Ok, surgeons aren’t sci-fi villains but it is always sensible to be safe and a YewdaleDefiant® laser blind does just that, protecting against any beam leakage through nearby windows.

Yewdale laser fabric incorporates the latest laser-radiation-blocking technology, the blind’s fabric can stop Class 3B or Class 4 lasers. We’re not talking about the little laser pens you used to bring back from holiday; these lasers can do some serious damage.

For those not in the know, a Class 3B laser is really not good for you, particularly your eyes, with an output ranging between 5 and 499 milliwatts. A Class 4 laser is the highest and most dangerous class of laser. It can do some really nasty things to your eyes and skin as a result of direct, diffuse or indirect beam viewing. So, it is best to have practices in place to prevent any accidental exposure.

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The fabric, which is the key element in blocking the beams, comes in satin black and is fireproof, being laser-rated at 250w/cmfor 100 seconds and is recommended to be fitted to the R20, R20C, R40, R55, Vision Panel Flap (VPF), C74 and C75 systems.

There is never any need to take risks when it comes to routine procedures like laser surgery. When dealing with such powerful instruments, it is imperative that every possible risk is covered – it could only take a second for something irreversible and terrible to occur. As a result, Yewdale is proud to be providing a solution to an issue that enables healthcare teams to operate safely whilst conducting sometimes lifesaving procedures.

These systems are made to measure only using specific laser blind fabric, so speak with your Business Development Manager for more information.

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