The YewdaleDefiant® range of cassette blinds and the range of blackout blinds share many similarities – they both have a barrel and fabric enclosed within a headbox and can often have side channels. However, these blinds are designed to provide different results and accomplish different things in separate settings.

Agreed, there is some crossover between the two and you’d be forgiven for using one instead of the other, however the results would be noticeable! We’re going to look at these differences and hopefully help you narrow down your selection when you come to specify them for your project.

The YewdaleDefiant® cassette system range that is most similar to the blackout range starts with the C40 Sidewinder. This is a chain operated roller blind, an R20 encased within a white-powder coated headbox with side channels. This keeps the fabric clean and looking fresh. The sidewinder mechanism can be swapped out for a spring, crank mechanism or motor, creating the C42, C44 and C45 respectively.

Side channels are added to Yewdale cassette blinds, mainly serving the purpose of holding the fabric in tight to prevent it from flapping. This does also provide some blackout capabilities, when paired with blackout fabric like YewdaleDefiant® Eden Blackout.

However, the key concept behind the cassette blinds is slick and discreet installation with the headbox disguising much of the blind’s barrel and mechanism as possible. Granted, a cassette with side channels will provide higher levels of darkness than a normal R20 Sidewinder blind, but it’s not on quite the same level as the blackout units available.

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Yewdale’s blackout units are geared to provide absolute darkness, on a large scale. The first noticeable feature is the black-powder coating. A key concept behind this colour choice is that black objects absorb all wavelengths of light, whereas white objects reflect them. As a result, there are less opportunities for light to reflect off of any surfaces.

The number of mechanisms available to operate the blackout unit are fewer. This is because the mechanisms used require minimal or no holes to be cut into the headbox, which reduces the number of possible gaps for light to enter a room.

This ethic follows throughout the system. Pile-sealed light sealing is fitted into the side channels and head box which stops light from reflecting off of surfaces within the headbox or traveling directly through.

The fabric is locked into a heavy-duty bottom bar and there is a wind cheat bar running through the centre of the fabric. This reinforces the fabric to prevent it being pulled out of the side channels if the window is open or if there is a breeze.

Yewdale is committed to creating the perfect product for specific situations and not catch-all products that simply perform satisfactorily. When absolute darkness is needed, our YewdaleDefiant® Blackout units are the only solution you can count on.

For installations where a discreet, tidy blind is required, in an office or classroom for example, a cassette blind is the ideal system.

To see how our systems and products are perfectly suited to your project, get in touch today.