We've launched a new CPD programme!    

We have been working hard to support architects and specifiers with our NBS partnership, dedicated Specification Consultant and new London office and showroom, but we're not stopping there!

We have also launched a new CPD programme, sharing our expert knowledge in shading and privacy solutions. Our CPD seminars are mostly held in our showroom, right in the heart of London's Clerkenwell design district, although we can offer them at your offices or online if you’d prefer.   While you're visiting, you can also explore our product range, compare fabric characteristics on our lightbox and find out how we can help with your next specification!

Wellbeing and mental health are crucial across all industries, so occupant wellbeing needs to be considered regardless of the buildings' use. Our first CPD seminar focuses on just that.

Specifying Shading to Enhance Wellbeing

'Wellbeing' is a concept much broader than moment-to-moment happiness, and our environment has a significant impact on our wellbeing – including lighting and shading design.

Our new CPD explores the relationship between shading and occupant wellbeing. It highlights vital shading considerations you need to think about, including:

·       The importance of balancing daylight and limiting glare

·       Maintaining external views and human connection with nature

·       Shading to enhance a building's design and façade

Kevin Goldsmith, Will+Partners was one of the first attendees, commenting:

‘[The CPD] was very comprehensive and provided us a good insight to [Yewdale’s] products and the importance of them and specifying the right type. The specification tips were also very helpful and will make us more aware in the future’.

Book your place now or contact Graham our Specification Consultant for more information: [email protected]