(No More) Blowing In The Wind
Solo Blinds, St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy

St Benet Biscop

Think back to your days in school; remember how easy it was to get distracted? Holding a student’s focus is always a challenge, no matter the teacher or lesson, so the classroom itself should not cause a distraction; especially the blinds.

St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy, in Bedlington, Northumberland, found the blinds in the classrooms to be a constant source of disturbance and noise. Opening a window would suck the blinds out of the window in a cacophony of clattering, billowing fabric. On a hot summer’s day, it must have been a tough decision for the teachers to make, for opening a window to allow in a breeze would only make it harder for the students to learn.

The Academy contacted Solo Blinds, one of the North-East’s largest independent manufacturers and installers of blinds, and loyal Yewdale customer. The Academy was undertaking a full building refurbishment and required low maintenance blinds that wouldn’t get sucked out of the windows.

Solo recommended the YewdaleDefiant® C40T sidewinder blind. These cassette systems retain the fabric with studs integrated into the fabric. This holds the fabric into the side channels meaning there is no chance of the blind blowing in the wind.

With the wind issue solved, St Benet Biscop were also attracted to the operation of the blinds. The YewdaleDefiant® C40T uses a high-quality Sidewinder mechanism that provides exceptional levels of control over the positioning of the blind. The chain was safely fixed to the wall using a child safety device. 

The barrel is enclosed within a headbox which protects the fabric and helps with keeping the blind low maintenance and looking good.

Solo Blinds installed a sample cassette blind in a classroom, which proved the quality and capabilities of the blind beyond any amount of literature: sometimes it is best to just let the blind do the talking. This also demonstrates the confidence Solo Blinds has in Yewdale’s systems, knowing that the blind will perform to a high level and win them the business.

Naturally, the school was delighted with the sample’s performance and instructed Solo Blinds to make the order over several competitors for a total of 57 YewdaleDefiant® cassette blinds.

Yewdale’s Business Development Manager for Solo Blinds, Jerry, said: ‘The installation of the C40Ts in the Academy is a true credit to Solo Blinds’ exceptional customer service, product knowledge and dedication to going above and beyond for their customers. I’m really happy that St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy chose the systems as it was a superb choice for a school environment.



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