Bottom bars to complement every project

For the perfect shading solution, every element of the blind system needs to be chosen carefully, from the internal mechanisms and user control to the more visual elements that complement the room.

The bottom bar on a blind is hugely important to weight the fabric and allow it to hang perfectly but they also make a real difference to the overall look and feel. Some bottom bars even help with the overall performance of the blind. This is why we have a selection of bottom bars available.  

From plastic and aluminium bottom bars, partly covered in fabric to exposed aluminium teardrop and round bottom bars – our range allows the blind to be adapted to suit the specific needs and design of the environment it is installed into.

Fabric covered bottom bars

Plastic bottom bar - Our sleek white plastic bottom bar comes front covered with fabric as standard on a selection of our YewdaleDefiant® roller blinds (R20 Roller Blind with Sidewinder, R20B Roller Blind with Battery Motor, R20M Roller Blind with Electric Motor and R20W Roller Blind with Light-duty Crank) when paired with lighter fabrics including daylight, dim-out, and blackout fabrics. For thicker fabrics including screen, white-backed and thicker versions of the above fabrics, require a heavier bar and come as standard with an aluminium teardrop bottom bar mentioned in more detail below.

Aluminium bottom bar - As an additional extra, you can choose to upgrade your standard plastic bottom bar to a white aluminium bottom bar – again front fabric covered. The aluminium bottom bar is heavier than the plastic one and comes with an additional colour option.

Both options mentioned above can be adapted with optional extras, including fully fabric covered and the aluminium bottom bar can have a fabric welded pocket too (the bottom bar is enclosed in the fabric pocket). A fully fabric-covered bottom bar helps the bottom bar blend in with the blind fabric and a fabric welded pocket disguises the fact that there is a bottom bar at all! The fabric helps with continuity, appearing unbroken down the full length of the window. If you want to make a statement, you can also choose to have a different coloured fabric covering the bottom bar.

An added benefit of a fully fabric-covered bottom bar is that the fabric between the bottom bar and window frame will help prevent loud clatter noises if there’s a gust of wind through the opened window.  

Fabric Bottom Bars

Exposed bottom bars

Teardrop bottom bar - Our aluminium teardrop bottom bar looks immensely stylish and stands out from the other types of bottom bars on the market, available in black, white or silver which makes it easier to complement the fabric choice, hardware and overall interior design.

As mentioned above, the teardrop bottom bar comes as standard with some of our YewdaleDefiant® roller blinds (R20C Roller Blind with Crank, R20S Roller Blind with Braked Spring, R26 Overhead Corded Roller Blind, R54 Roller Blind with Heavy Duty Crank, R55 Heavy Duty Roller Blind Electric Motor, R56 Overhead Roller Blind with Crank, R57 Overhead Roller Blind Electric Motor and all C20 cassette systems) as well as with thicker fabrics. For spring operated roller blinds, such as the YewdaleDefiant® R20S Braked Spring Blind, a Teardrop bottom bar can be used to operate the blind and provides an ergonomic grip if the user chooses not to install the pull cord.

The teardrop aluminium bottom bar is used in conjunction with our wire side guiding and channel side guiding systems. Adding the option of side guiding helps to prevent excessive movement in a blind that can lead to damages.

Round bottom bar - As an alternative to the teardrop bottom bar, there is the option of the round bottom bar which is stylish and rather contemporary looking, and so it’s ideal for offices and home spaces alike. This option comes in white or silver aluminium and has similar properties to the Teardrop.

Exposed Bottom Bars

Diversity for every project

We like to offer choice when it comes to our systems, and thanks to our diverse range, our customers can adapt their blinds to suit any environment perfectly and are also able to add new blinds to match those in existing projects.

With no detail overlooked, the quality of our bottom bars is second to none and, this adds testament to the exceptional standards of the blinds overall.

Get in touch to find out how our little details can make a big difference.