With a growing demand for greener products, Yewdale is pleased to announce that they are manufacturing their range of eco-friendly disposable cubicle curtains for the healthcare market.

The new eco-friendly curtain is made from safe and durable 110gsm polypropylene which is flame retardant, hygienic and lightweight. The cost-effective disposable curtain will be available as standard in five attractive colours, with an additional four other colours on request. 

As the curtain is made in Yewdale’s UK manufacturing facility, healthcare customers can benefit from a standard size curtain of 7500 x 2000mm or the option of bespoke and half sizes available on request.

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What makes the YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtain eco-friendly?  Firstly, the curtain has a unique patent-pending design – where it has no plastic eyelet but instead has a simple hook hollow. Getting rid of the surplus plastic eyelet not only saves on raw materials and energy being consumed to produce it in the first place but save up to 100 grams of plastic per curtain going to waste.   

Secondly, without the excess plastic, the curtain is also 100% recyclable and thirdly, the curtain is produced in Yewdale’s factory in the UK which significantly cuts down the global emissions of importing curtains from Asia. 

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Safe and durable

You may be thinking the curtain isn’t as strong without the plastic eyelet. But in fact, the fabric Yewdale uses in the manufacture of their curtains is up to 40% stronger than other disposable fabrics on the market. So a plastic eyelet around the hook hollows for reinforcement isn’t required.

Yewdale has also tested the curtain fabric for quality and performance, putting the fabric through rigorous endurance and tensile tests for it to show so no visible signs of wear. View test reports here. YewdaleHarrier has also been awarded the Durasafe certificate of accreditation for durability.

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“The YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtain is the most environmentally friendly cubicle curtain on the market and being made in our UK factory significantly reduces its carbon footprint compared to many imported brands,” said Matthew Parsons, Director. “As a healthcare supplier, we’re pleased to be able to manufacture sustainable products that support the NHS’s aim of becoming the world’s first ‘net zero’ national health service. ”

For more information on the YewdaleHarrier® curtain, you can read more here.

If you have an online account, the new YewdaleHarrier® curtain  is available to buy through Yewdale’s online shop for a same day or next day delivery. 

If you would like to speak to your account manager about stocking YewdaleHarrier®  disposable curtains then contact Yewdale on 01268 570900 or email [email protected]