• Easily make overhead blinds square
  • Prevent fabric creases
  • Neat finish to the installation

Yewdale understands that more often than not, a ceiling window recess won’t be perfectly square. Buildings shift and the shape changes and so trying to fit an overhead blind into the recess can cause the blind to be under strain and excessive tension. Ultimately this will damage the blind, but before that it will look unsightly with potential rippling in the fabric and give the impression it was unprofessionally installed, at no fault of yours.

The YewdaleDefiant® SkyShelf solves this issue simply and stylishly. It is a set of shelves at either end and straight lengths of aluminium that are fitted to the recess wall. The overhead blind sits on the shelf and can be shifted into place to make sure it is perfectly square, despite the recess being off. This lets the installer ensure that the blind is square with itself and not dictated by the shape of the recess.

White powder-coated and discreet, YewdaleDefiant® SkyShelf hides the headbox from view, helping to maintain a neat and sophisticated look for your installation. You wont even know the blind is there!

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