We wouldn’t be able to claim to be shading and window treatment specialists if we didn’t provide high quality insect screens.

Insect screens are necessary in kitchen environments such as a restaurant’s kitchen space, and is a legal requirement. Restaurant staff work hard to provide a great service and delicious food to their patrons, and nobody wants to find a fly in their soup.

An insect screen is a requirement to prevent contamination and diseases spreading through flies and bugs entering the premises from outside. It can also help to stop any debris from outside from getting in. Added ventilation and fresh air to helps to cool down hot kitchens, which keeps food fresh and making conditions more acceptable for staff.

If illness strikes as a result of a preventable risk like flies contaminating food, the reputation of the premises could be left in tatters, not to mention the legal costs that ensue. With so much at stake, it’s important to use only the highest quality insect screens.

The YewdaleDefiant® F30 Sidewinder is a great example of an ideal insect screen. The retractable insect screen has a chain mechanism which allows it to be raised and lowered with no hassle. The universal brackets ensure secure top fixing, helping to seal the window off.

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The powder-coated extruded aluminium cassette and side guide channels block any chance of entry from insects. This also helps to prevent and material from blowing in the wind.

The fibreglass mesh, which is locked into the side channels is made from a PVC coated rot-proof fibreglass mesh, allowing vital air into a hot kitchen.

Insect screens need to be practical. They need to be easy to clean and maintain, allow the user to open and close them and they must not decay over time and let the kitchen down.

Building on this concept, the F40 single door insect screen allows the user to slide the doors horizontally to open and close the screen. Again, the cassette and side channels are aluminium and powder coated, giving a sleek, clean look to the unit.

This is bolstered with the F40D Double Door, which has two retractable doors which have an advanced slow-rise spring control. This means that it operates smoothly and quietly and in a controlled and safe manner.

The mesh is small enough to block the most persistent of insects and is constructed to ensure easy cleaning and robustness. It is fire retardant, which is important for kitchen spaces and it can withstand rigorous daily use.

Take a look at our range of insect screens or get in touch today to discuss your requirements with one of our sales team.

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