Yewdale Harrier® disposable curtain: hook options

The new patent-pending design of the YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtain removes the surplus plastic eyelet and instead comes as standard with a single hook hollow for firmly attaching the curtain. This saves up to 100 grams of plastic per curtain! The hook hollow allows for a quick and easy fit onto any existing cubicle track gliders or roller hooks at any point on the track.

If you’re in need of new hooks, we offer three attachment solutions, your requirement will vary depending on the cubicle tracking system installed.

  • Stalk hook

The reusable Harrier hooks with stalks are uniquely designed with a shoulder on the hook so that they can stand upright for easy load and glide. Our YewdaleHarrier® disposable curtain can be ordered with these stalk hooks already attached. This hook is universal and can be fitted to all leading cubicle tracking systems.

Stalk hook

  • Roller Wheel Hook

If you have our YewdaleMovatrack® cubicle system installed, you’re in luck! As standard, they come with roller wheel curtain hooks. These hooks are free running in the track but are carefully protected by the design of the tracking system to avoid any type of friction in the movement. Even after years of use, curtains using these will be light and easy to draw. They won’t even jam on bends!

Disposable curtain Roller runner hook

  • U-hook

The U-shaped hook can be used on disposable curtains too. These hooks cannot be used with the easy-open curtain removal point and are limited to cubicle tracks that require external attachment. 

Disposable curtain U hook

Get in touch today to find the hooks best suited to your cubicle tracking system and for more information on our YewdaleHarrier® eco-friendly disposable curtains.