Following the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lock down restrictions, some businesses are now starting to partially reopen, with others looking at ways to open safely in the near future.

We understand how tough this lockdown has been on our customers and the whole blind industry.  We want to support businesses to get up and running again and in response, have launched a new ‘workplace ready’ kit. 

The kit consists of essential items to help protect the safe return of staff to the workplace and is available to existing customers on extended credit terms for their initial first order, plus we will include a free bottle of hand sanitiser.

The kit is bespoke so customers can pick and choose from our list of PPE and protective products available on our product page here to suit their requirements. 

With a choice of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and screening solutions, customers can be assured that their staff are adequately protected where ever their location whether it’s on site, in the factory, workshop or showroom.


Not sure what kit you will need?

We have given an example of a typical kit and how it can be used:

Type IIR medical masks – These are ideal for brief contact with others such as meeting a client or customer.  They are disposable and easily fit to the face with ear loops.

KN95/FFP2 respirator facemasks – Recommended for longer use such as in a factory or for people who are around others all day. They are comfortable and more breathable due to the air filter and can be reused.


Thermometers – Infrared non-contact thermometers are perfect for staff to measure their temperature if they’re concerned that they may be developing Covid-19 symptoms. Early prevention helps protect the rest of your workforce and ensures they stay healthy.

Hand Sanitizer – A highly effective 80% alcohol hand rub recommended by the World Health Organisation. Comes in a 500ml pump action bottle for easy sanitisation for all staff and customers to use.  An essential for all areas of the workplace.

Anti-bacterial wipes – Antibacterial wet wipes are ideal to clean hands, objects and surfaces without the need for rinsing with water. Proven to kill 99% of germs, they give you maximum protection against viruses.


Movascreen or Movascreen Lite – A mobile screening partition which can be used to section of areas in a showroom, warehouse or factory.


Rollerscreen or Hangerscreen – An easy fix transparent screen which can be used to protect staff who work at counters or reception desks who work with the general public. 


The kits are available to new and existing customers and beneficial to all business sectors.

Remember, existing customers can benefit from extended credit terms on their initial order and a free bottle of hand sanitiser so get in touch with your requirements today.


Unsure what you need?

For a quote or specialist advice, contact us on 01268 570900 or email [email protected]